Nick Hundley … future manager?

If you follow the game enough, you probably already know that catchers make a popular choice for big league managers.

After all, there’s currently 12 of them managing in the big leagues. It’s the understanding of knowing the total game — the pitching aspect, handling a staff, take-charge attitude, the offensive component and knowing the true grind of the game, etc.

I’m sure there’s more reasons why catchers make for good managers. Those are just a few.

I’m always curious, in dealing with players on a day-to-day basis, who might make for a good manager down the road, after their playing days.

It’s always struck me that now former Padres catcher Nick Hundley — traded Saturday to the Orioles — might eventually land there when his playing days are over.

Today, I asked Padres manager Bud Black — not a former catcher, mind you — if he felt the same way. Here’s what he said:

“I do. Of all the guys that come through that you touch as players, there’s a few guys that you jot down as future staff guys,” Black said. “Managers, coaches, instructors, announcers, whatever. Nick tracks toward the field as a future manager or coach.”

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Nick’s father, Tim, is a assistant football coach at UNLV and has had several Division I coaching stops — Oregon State, Colorado, SMU and Washington, to name a few.

Maybe the apple doesn’t fall from the tree?

— Corey Brock



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