About those El Paso uniforms …


There’s a lot to like about Minor League baseball.

Those funky promotions, the fan-friendly nature of it all, the history (Player X once played here and hit a ball XXX feet etc.) and, of course, the not-so recent trend of off-the-wall mascots and uniforms.

As you’re probably aware, the Padres’ Triple-A franchise has moved to El Paso, where the team will eventually play in a new downtown ballpark. The move has been very well received from all that I’ve heard, even if you’re not enamored with their mascot — the Chihuahuas.

Yes, the Chihuahuas.

On Wednesday, the team unveiled its different uniforms for the upcoming season (see photo). There’s five variations, including — paying homage to the Padres and the Swinging Friar — the Swinging Chihuahua.

Holy merchandise boon! Let’s not kid ourselves here: Minor League baseball is about moving merchandise. I’m sure the folks in El Paso will get a nice financial boost from their new ballpark, but they’ll really clean-up in terms of merchandise.

The last that I hear, El Paso gear was flying off the shelves — at the team’s actual store and through online sales. If you’re interested in gear, here’s the link: www.EPChihuahuas.com.

I know when the team announced its mascot, there was some flak about it. And, really, you’re going to have that with no matter what you choose. But you know what? It’s fun. And it got a lot of people talking about baseball in El Paso.

And, of course, it’s already helped move a lot of merchandise. For me, I kind of dig them, name and uniforms. Good for them for (and I hate this term) thinking outside the box.

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