It’s just one game …

Happy Friday, did everyone survive Opening Day?

Great atmosphere at Petco Park yesterday on a postage stamp kind of day, albeit a little cool.

Based on emails, story comments and Tweets, I was a little surprised with the backlash from fans during/after the game.

I realize it’s been six months since the Padres last played a meaningful game but I thought we were past the point of making too much out of one game, especially one played in April.

A random sampling:

— “Time for Headley to go.”

— “Being a Padres fan is difficult.”

— “I really don’t know why I bother with the Padres.”

— “Looks like a vintage Padres offense being run out there.”

— “Padres lose. I thought pitching and defense were supposed to be their strengths.”

During manager Bud Black’s postgame press conference he was essentially asked if he was ‘disappointed’ that Chase Headley struck out with the bases loaded. Black, to his credit, smiled and let the reporter off the hook.

“It’s just one game,” he said.

Hey, nothing wrong, if you’re a fan, about being frustrated by what you saw on Thursday — how pitcher Edinson Volquez walked in two runs with bases-loaded walks, the three errors and the lack of offense with the exception of the thunderbolt Cameron Maybin nearly drilled into the side of the West Metal Supply Co. building. And, of course, everyone is entitled to their opinions.

But it was just one game.

If the schedule had, say, 16 games, the loss Thursday would certainly be viewed as more critical. But it doesn’t. The Padres still have 161 games left on a schedule that runs into October.

I will say this. The April schedule is brutal with 15 more games against National League West teams beginning tonight. There’s also four games against the Phillies. The Padres, for obvious reasons, simply can’t afford any more lapses in run prevention, the hallmark of this team over the last few years — pitching and defense. There wasn’t much of it on Thursday.

That doesn’t mean there won’t be tonight. Or Saturday. Or Sunday. I hate the whole season-is-a-marathon thing, but it’s applicable in this case.

Anyway, that’s that.

Minor League Highlight from Thursday:

How about left-handed pitcher Frank Garces, the 22-year-old who struck out nine, allowed two hits and no earned runs in six innings for Class A Fort Wayne? I’ll be the first to admit I know little about Garces. I’ll have to poke around a little. But his line from Opening Day really stood out, as did the two hits, walk and two RBIs that shortstop Jace Peterson had in the same game.

Corey Brock,

Twitter: @FollowThePadres


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Now it is Two games, but a lass I am not one of the negative bashers, though disappointed in results thus far. A crisperly played game awaits our Padres Baseball Pallette.

Go Padres !!

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