Day 42: Ode to Miller and Little Miller

Updated: 3:45 p.m.

PEORIA, Ariz. — Just for fun this morning, I went through my ‘sent’ mail in my Outlook. Specifically, I was looking for how many emails I peppered the media relations staff — specifically director of communications Warren Miller and coordinator of media relations Josh Ishoo — with since I first arrived in Arizona on Feb. 18. The totals are as such:

— 158 outgoing emails to Miller

— 54 outgoing emails to Ishoo

What can we glean from this information? That I’m super-needy? (Well, that’s true). That I’m a high maintenance kind of reporter? (I don’t think so, but don’t ask me). That I’m naturally inquisitive and seek to gain knowledge each day that I may pass along to you, my trusty followers? Sure, I guess that works.

In fairness, not all of these emails are work emails. For instance, I emailed Josh indie rock videos he should watch (Anna Sun, by ‘Walk The Moon’). I might have even asked Warren about some burrito place in El Centro last month. Real high-priority stuff.

But most of the emails have to do with work — the Padres, the team I cover. And for my money, Warren and Josh — while not answering every email — have graded out as a 80 on the scouting scale this spring. Neither one of them went back to San Diego for a few days off. Every time I arrived here at the complex (and I get here early … probably to email Warren and Josh, now that I think about it), these guys are plugging away in their office.

These guys work. A lot. All day. Into the night, if needed. I’ll never complain about long hours to these guys. I save that for my wife and dog.

It’s been a busy spring here. Ownership issues, the new television contract that still hasn’t been made official, the three players the Padres have wrapped up to extensions — Cameron Maybin, Nick Hundley and Cory Luebke. They act as buffers between us and the front office. There’s been no shortage of news here, either. Press releases to send, interviews to coordinate, game notes to write each day, regular-season needs to prepare for.

Players finish games at 4 p.m. and scatter for the day. The writers aren’t too far behind. Warren and Josh know no set hours. They won’t until they can’t keep their eyes open, not because there’s nothing left to do. There’s always something left to do.

Hey, we’re all fortunate to be doing what we’re doing. I cover baseball for a living. These guys work in baseball. I get it. I just felt that these guys need to be singled out for the job they do. They’re good people. They’re good friends. They’re very good at what they do.

So consider this my ‘thank you’ card of sorts.

And just be glad I didn’t email it.

Updated: 10:10 a.m.

* Brewers (12-14) at Padres (19-12), 12:05 p.m. Peoria Sports Complex

Radio/TV: XX 1090 (Ted Leitner, Jerry Coleman, Bob Scanlan) and Fox Sports San Diego.

Lineup: Denorfia 8, Hudson 4, Headley 5, Guzman 3, Blanks 9, Bartlett 6, Baker 2, Darnell 7, Stauffer 1.

Pitching: Stauffer 4 or 5, Owings 2, Gregerson 1, Street 1.

* Padres (19-12) at Mariners (12-8), 6:05 p.m. Peoria Sports Complex.

Radio/TV: None.

Lineup: Maybin 8, Venable 9, Alonso 3, Hundley 2, Kotsay 7, Gyorko 5, Hermida 0, Parrino 6, Cabrera 4, Wieland 1.

Pitching: Wieland 5, Thayer 2, Brach 1, Bass 1.

Updated: 10:30 a.m.

— 2B Orlando Hudson felt fine after Friday’s game and will play again today. It’s not really the groin anymore but getting over a nasty cold that sidelined him a few days.

— RHP Jeff Suppan will remain behind here in Peoria to work his way back to being able to pitch in games. Suppan hasn’t pitched in nearly two weeks because of a strained right triceps. He’ll pitch in games in extended Spring Training before he’s able to join Triple-A Tucson.

— OF Carlos Quentin, who had knee surgery on March 19, is able to do some hitting in the cage that involves a chair. Not sure how that all works but the point is he’s doing better and progressing along nicely with his original timeline.

— That’s it for now. Good chance we’ll have some player movement later today, as the Padres send players over to their Minor League camp.

Updated: 3:45 p.m.

— Padres lost today to the Brewers, 10-7. Tim Stauffer was roughed up a little today, but Bud Black said his stuff was better than last time out. The grand slam he allowed to Mat Gamel came when he got his signals crossed with catcher John Baker. Stauffer was to throw a fastball away but instead threw a slider down the middle. Hey, it happens.

— After the first game, the Padres reassigned catcher Brad Davis and right-handed pitcher Dale Thayer to Minor League camp. Both, I’m sure, will end up with Triple-A Tucson.

— C John Baker threw out two base runners on Saturday. He told me afterwards that he was very pleased.

— Here’s the box score from the first game.

Corey Brock,

Twitter: @FollowThePadres

1 Comment

Hi Corey,

Since you were thanking people, I want to thank you for telling me about Four Peaks in Tempe. I ordered the beer sampler with my meal and everyting was outstanding. If you have any new San Diego gems please share them. I also want to thank you for the great job you do with giving us die hard Padres fans the inside information we crave. Baseball season is just around the corner and I look forward to following along with you.

Thank you,

Steve Krasner

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