Day 41: The plan for Hudson, Blanks

Updated: 5:05 p.m.

PEORIA, Ariz. — The Padres are down to their final four games (and three days) in Spring Training. One game tonight, two tomorrow and one more Sunday before the team breaks camp.

What does this mean for Orlando Hudson and Kyle Blanks? Well, they’ll be playing a lot this weekend — for different reasons.

Hudson has played once since March 14 because of a nagging strained right groin and he needs his at-bats to get his timing down AND to see if his groin is truly fine. If it’s not, then that’s a totally different — and complicated — issue for the team.

Let’s assume his groin is fine, look for Hudson to get a lot of at-bats over the weekend. And there’s still two exhibition games next week against the Royals.

As for Blanks, his at-bats are much more important. His sore left shoulder came at a terrible time in camp, right when outfielder Carlos Quentin needed knee surgery. Blanks had a pinch-hit single Thursday and is starting in left field tonight.

Unlike Hudson, Blanks is trying to make the team. My best guess is he’s competing with James Darnell for a spot on the bench to open the season. One of those two players heads to Triple-A Tucson.

There’s a few other camp battles going on, as I’ll detail later on

There is an upshot to Hudson AND Blanks being in the lineup today.

“Injury-wise, we’re getting to be where we’d like to be,” said manager Bud Black, who didn’t have much of a list of injured/hurt players to go over Friday afternoon, a change from recent days/weeks.


* Giants (16-12) at Padres (18-12), 7:05 p.m. Peoria Sports Complex

Radio/TV: XX 1090 (Ted Leitner, Bob Scanlan) and Fox Sports San Diego.

The lineups: Maybin 8, Hudson 4, Headley 5, Guzman 3, Hundley 2, Blanks 7, Denorfia 9, Cabrera 6, Moseley 1.

The pitchers: Moseley 6, Cashner 1, Mikolas 1, Boxberger 1.


Corey Brock,

Twitter: @FollowThePadres

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I would really like to see Parrino at 2B! Not too happy with O Dawg and his injuries! This spring has given us Padre fans hope for the future! Matt Clark, Galvez, Gyorko, Parrino, and Kelly

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