Day 37: Bad news for Blanks?

Updated: 5:15 p.m.

PEORIA, Ariz. — Sorry for the delay, but I’m off today, working ahead on a few projects.

I’ll make this brief.

The Padres lost to the Cubs today in Mesa, 2-0. The box score can be found here. Here’s the game story if that floats your boat.

It appears that the nagging left sore left shoulder that Kyle Blanks has been nursing might land him on the DL to start the season. Here’s a link to that story.

Also, Orlando Hudson appears to be on the mend. The team also place Logan Forsythe on the disabled list, which doesn’t come as a surprise.

Also, if you’ve missed anything over the last few days or even the last 37, head here for all the latest (and not-so latest) on the Padres.

Back to the ballpark on Tuesday.

Corey Brock,

Twitter: @FollowThePadres



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