Day 33: Did you pack your lunch?

Updated: 4:30 p.m.

PEORIA, Ariz. — There was a big bus pulled up alongside the clubhouse when I arrived at the complex this morning — a bus bound for Tucson, where the Padres play a split-squad game against the Rockies today.

This is a makeup game for Sunday’s contest that was rained out.

I saw outfielder Jaff Decker this morning — wearing an Oregon Ducks hat, which made my day — he didn’t look super excited about the prospect of riding 2 1/2-3 hours to Tucson. He wasn’t complaining, mind you. Just looked like he’d rather be playing in Peoria.

A lot of younger players made the trip to Tucson. You’ll see what during Spring Training, where seniority reigns supreme. I mean, look at the lineup. Only James Darnell and Andy Parrino have Major League service time.

But, all of these split-squad games have some benefit — even if it takes three hours to get there. Days like today mean additional playing time, at-bats and innings for players who are trying to make an impression on the staff. Pitchers Alex Hinshaw and Dale Thayer, both impressive as non-roster invitees, are scheduled to pitch today.

Parrino gets a chance to impress manager Bud Black, who went to Tucson — though wisely skipped the bus. Jedd Gyorko, Decker, Matt Clark, all guys in their first big league camp, get more experience. Most of these guys will be moved to Minor League camp at some point, so they’re getting the chance ti impress management while they can.

Some morning notes: Note that since Black has left, we won’t have access to him today.

— 2B Orlando Hudson said he’s feeling good after leaving Wednesday’s game when he re-aggravated his right groin injury. No word on when he’ll return.

— 1B/oF Kyle Blanks has had a sore left shoulder since Sunday. This wasn’t something incident specific, he said. I’ll have a note on that later at

For more details on today’s action, check back.

Here’s the details for today’s game — vs. the Indians here in Peoria and the other game in Tucson against the Rockies.

* Padres (11-8) at Rockies (9-8) at Kino Veterans Stadium, Tucson, 1:05 p.m.

Radio/TV: None, only game in Peoria.

The lineup: Decker 8, Gyorko 5, Darnell 7, Clark 3, Grandal 2, Parrino 6, Galvez 4, Carroll 9, Kelly 1.

* Indians (5-11) at Padres (11-8) at Peoria Sports Complex, 1:05 p.m.

Radio/TV: AM 1700 (Andy Masur, Jerry Coleman, Bob Scanlan).

The lineup: Maybin 8, Venable 9, Headley 5, Guzman 7, Alonso 3, Bartlett 6, Baker 2, Cabrera 4, Luebke 1.

The pitchers:Luebke 5, Street 1, Hinshaw 1, Gregerson 1, Palmer 1 or 2.

Updated: 4:30 p.m.

— Big news today was that Padres CEO Jeff Moorad announced that he’s stepping down. He’ll remain vice chairman with a focus on the Fox Sports San Diego/Padres partnership. I’ll have a story on later about it.

— Also, the Padres got a split today, defeating the Rockies in Tucson and losing to the Indians in Peoria. Here’s a link to the box score from the Tucson game and a link to the Peoria game. Padres had 15 hits in that game in Tucson, including four by Jedd Gyorko.

— Good news for pitcher Cory Luebke. He looked good today, getting six strikeouts and allowing one run over five innings. Better still, the changeup that he’s been working hard to refine and get comfortable with? He said he got four or five outs with it when he was behind in the count. I think this is a big development and something that will help him moving forward.

— I’ve got an update on Kyle Blanks and Orlando Hudson. You can find both of them right here.

Corey Brock,

Twitter: @FollowThePadres

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