Day 14: Maybin’s extension and a lot more

PEORIA, Ariz. — Well, we thought it was going to be a quiet Saturday, even if there were rumblings that the Padres and Cameron Maybin were talking about a contract extension. They’ve actually been talking for a while and you’re never really sure when or where these things are going to pop. Well, it popped Saturday when the Padres gave Maybin a $25 million extension that could keep him in San Diego through 2017.

As part of his new deal, Maybin will earn a $500,000 bonus, a $500,000 salary for this season and then $3 million (2013), $5 million (2014), $7 million (2015), $8 million (2016) to go with a $9 million club option for 2017 ($1 million buyout).

Maybin was beaming when he talked to reporters today after the deal was announced:

“It means a lot that these guys want me to be the face of this franchise, which I’m more and willing and ready to be,” Maybin said. “I love playing for these guys, love playing for the fans. It says a lot about what they think about my abilities, my character and my work ethic. It’s more than just the ability that goes into making a decision like this for an organization.”

A few things:

— The deal is strikingly similar to the one Padres GM Josh Byrnes gave Chris Young when both were in Arizona in 2008 (5 years, $28 million). Only Young, up to the date he signed (4/8/08), had played in 185 Major League game. Maybin has played in 305.

— Maybin and his agent, Brian Goldberg, who previously represented Ken Griffey Jr., asked for a no-trade clause but the Padres, as per club policy, refused. Remember, Jeff Moorad doesn’t give incentives.

— Maybin has been adamant (before Saturday) that he has every intention to “out-perform” this deal. Consider this: Maybin, who turns 25 on April 4, the day before Opening Day, will be 30 when this deal expires.

— It’s funny that the Padres first approached Maybin with the idea of an extension in August when Jed Hoyer was the general manager and Maybin had a different agent. Oh things can change over a few months. Also, Hoyer and Maybin’s agent didn’t get too far in talks. From my understanding, the Padres didn’t really like the player comps Maybin’s previous agent floated.

— Maybin, who spent most of last winter in San Diego, said he’s giving strong consideration to moving there full-time. He had a bunch of strong quotes today during his press conference. This one, regarding his upside, was a gem: “I think there’s a lot more in there … a lot more to come.”

— This type of contract is one Byrnes is very familiar with from his time not only with Arizona but going back to the club-friendly (and, also, player-friendly) deals the Indians made in the 1990s and early 2000s under John Hart when Byrnes worked in the front office. “I do believe in the concept. It’s one of those win-win contract models,” Byrnes said.

Again, you can read the updated version of my story at sometime around 5 p.m. PT.

So what else happened Saturday?

— As we’ve talked about a lot here, there aren’t that many position/rotation/bullpen battles here in camp. Ideally, that’s the way you want it, too. One of them, though, the backup infielder job, saw a wrinkle Saturday when is was discovered that Logan Forsythe had fractured a bone in his left foot. Forsythe will try to rehab the foot, though surgery is not out of the question. He’ll miss two or so weeks. Surgery could mean missing two to three months. Needless to say, he’s very frustrated by this development.

— What does the Forsythe injury mean? The Padres haven’t said and likely won’t but my guess is that it paves the way for Everth Cabrera to win the backup infielder job. The Padres want that person to be able to handle shortstop. Cabrera can do that and also play second base. He’ll get a chance to play some third base this spring, too. That could give him more value.

— Jason Bartlett will miss a few days with a sore right knee. Because this is early March, the Padres are being especially cautious. No need to rush him know, considering the first game doesn’t occur until Sunday. This is something to keep an eye on. Shortstop is a critical position and the Padres aren’t especially deep there (few teams are). I wonder, with Forsythe’s injury, if the team will look to sign a free agent for depth?

— Hey, Sunday is the first game of spring! Here’s a look ahead to preview the start of Cactus League play. The game with the Mariners starts at 12:05 p.m. PT with Ted Leitner calling all nine innings (hopefully nine, right?). Jerry Coleman and Bob Scanlan will split the analyst duties for this game. Jerry, who has told me on successive days to shave, will handle innings 1-4. Scanlan will go innings 5-9. My boy Andy Masur will here soon enough to get in on the radio fun.

— We’ve established that Anthony Bass is starting Sunday’s game against the Mariners. But what about Monday you ask? I’ve got the exclusive scoop (well, unless anyone else has it … and yes, I’m kidding about the scoop thing) for Monday’s pitchers against these same Mariners. It’s going to be Dustin Moseley for two innings, Micah Owings for two innings followed by Jorge Reyes, Brad Brach, Ernesto Frieri, Brad Boxberger, Cory Burns and Nick Vincent.

That’s it for now. Happy weekend everyone.

Corey Brock,

Twitter: FollowThePadres


Thanks for the scoop and consistent dedication thus far with the blog posts, great work! In Regards to the Cameron deal, I am happy to see one of our current and now future assets will be here for time to come. This shows all fans who hate on the Padres for not securing players that Moorad and his owners group wants to be committed to these young players like Hundley, Stauffer, and Venable and so on…
This shows we can maybe soon see a core of young Padre Players for years to come…at Petco…? Only time will tell.

On the other side though, Maybin does not have much service time either so I’m a little surprised this deal was secured so early in his career considering he has limited service time. However, Cameron does have huge potential and looks to be eager to show that potential off. Let’s hope for the best. Good luck Maybin! Do your thing sir….

Second, thought I was surprised in the significant pay raise for 2013 on the Maybin deal. From $500,000 with the signing bonus making it really $1 million for 2012, Cameron will go from $1 million to $3 million in just one year. I would have been more comfortable at $1 for 2012 and $2.4-2.6 for 2013, and $4 for 2014 and so on.
You figure guys have to prove themselves first to get huge raises. Nick Hundley this year in his arbitration year was bumped up huge, but was deserved because he has proven himself with his bat, defense, service time and character on and off the field.

I can’t believe what I just read! Oh Doctor!

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