Day One: If physicals are your thing …

Pitchers and catchers reported to the Peoria Sports Complex on Sunday, though they did little more than take their physicals. Still, it made for a busy clubhouse that figures to be even more crowded later in the week when position players report.

We’ve got all your Padres news, as always, up at, so check over there for all of the details from today (and as we move forward). And, of course, check Twitter right here.

A few observations from today:

* Trevor Hoffman, now a special assistant with the Padres, looks like he’s still fit enough to pitch. That’s not a big leap, I know, considering he recently retired. But seeing him in his workout gear sort of reminded me of 2007 and 2008 when he was still closing games for the Padres. And get this: He’s rooming with his brother Glenn, the third base coach. It’s probably the first time they’ve done so since they were kids.

* You can tell that pitcher Aaron Harang is genuinely excited to be pitching for his hometown team. His wife Jennifer just had twins in December (and they’ve got a 4-year-old) so he said it’s nice to having to worry about how his wife and kids are getting along while he’s pitching hundreds of miles away. The twins, in case you’re wondering, were born on Dec. 17. Their names are Dustin and Kailey. The whole Harang clan will be in Peoria for Spring Training.

* Closer Heath Bell said that a deterrent to his 12-year-old daughter Jasmyne getting too boy crazy, he’s decided to grow out his hair into something that (he hopes) resembles a Justin Bieber cut. The thought process? If dad is wearing a Bieber cut, then Jasmyne wouldn’t like boys with similar haircuts. Get all that? Also, Bell said he was a little surprised that he wasn’t traded during the offseason.

* According to the Padres, each and every one of the pitchers and catchers expected here on Sunday have shown up. No VISA issues regarding any of the players, nor did anyone have any trouble crossing state lines.That’s always a good sign.

* The first on-field workout will be on the field Monday after a clubhouse meeting at 9 a.m. We will get manager Bud Black in the morning and pepper him with questions and start rolling from there.

— Corey Brock

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