Padres will buy … and potentially sell

The surprising San Diego Padres have spent nearly every day atop the
National League West Division.

They have designs on remaining
there, which means they’re considering adding pieces to their 25-man
roster in advance of the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline.

owner Jeff Moorad has said the team will consider adding payroll to
make a move. And last week, general manager Jed Hoyer, said they team is
looking at offensive additions as well as adding a starting pitcher.

don’t feel like you’re ever all set,” Hoyer said. “I think we’re
looking on both sides [pitching and offense].”

Like any other
team, the Padres aren’t especially excited about parting with prospect
to make improvements to their current roster. That said, they might be
forced to part with some of their pitching depth to do so.

another starting pitcher makes sense for the Padres. Kevin Correia is
struggling. Chris Young, expected to be a key piece to the rotation, has
pitched once (in April, no less) and might be a long shot to return
this season.

Then there’s this: All-Star closer Heath Bell, who
makes $4 million and will be arbitration eligible again, could be a
piece the team could move. As reluctant as the Padres might be to break
up their dynamic 7-8-9 bullpen trio (Luke Gregerson, Mike Adams and Bell)
they could potentially land add a package of prospect/Major League ready
players for Bell’s services.

In other words, stay tuned. It
could be an interesting month in San Diego.

— Corey Brock


Its Luke Gregerson ” dynamic 7-8-9 bullpen trio (Luke Adams, Mike Adams and Bell)”

Honestly, bring in “prospects” for Bell would not be smart, these guys we have now in the pen are going to eventually struggle a little bit this year, which we have seen recently with Gregerson. Trading Bell would be breaking up a strength, even if we got a bullpen guy back in return he would be a lower end guy; I have far more confidence in Bell than I do Adams or Gregerson. Bell is also the heart of the team and especially the bullpen, take him out and you deflate the pen.
There is no upside in trading anyone this year, that would simply be the absolute worst thing that could happen to this team, chemistry is not over rated, and the Pads have it.

I think the Padres need a protective bat for Adrian, and maybe one veteran starter to bolster the already very effective rotation.

The risk with trading Bell is that who will replace him? Is Mike Adams capable of being the shut-down closer like Heath is? I don’t know necessarily; being a setup man is very different job than closing.

The last 5 games we have lost i knew when our pitchers shoulda been pulled,i understand that they need to play so manny innings but CMON MAN we give them an inch ther gonna take a mile…pull these ******* before its too late…CMON MAN

Living in the Northwest i am condemned to watch the miserable Mariners. Ichiro would never say it but he has to want out of there. His play has shown depression…i saw him make a mental error on the bases the other nite, 1st i can remember and he’s been here 10 years. He is already going to 2 hall of fames (methinks they have 1 in Japan), he has to want a ring…He would jumpstart the offense and there has never been a better right fielder. So start the drums rolling down there, only a week to go!

For the stretch run the team needs some hitting. Last night they lost 2-1 a game to the D’backs they need to win.

The D’backs have some talent and want to dump payroll, Miguel Montero, Drew, Johnson, LaRoach, Ryal, Parra.. The rest stink, Upton, Rynolds and Young are the problem with the D’backs and can not move these stiffs.

It is the Giants you need to worry about. They lack pitching but make it up in offence.

Maybe the AL is a better fishing ground for a hitter?

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