When will Mat Latos get a break? …

The Padres insist they haven’t come up with a set number of innings for Mat Latos this season, though I’m pretty sure it won’t top 180 and might be even less.

Manager Bud Black, who gets asked this question every two weeks or so, said on Monday that the team “will watch” Latos as we move forward into the summer as far as workload.

We’ve already seen a handful of times where Latos has pitched six innings in games where he clearly could have gone longer.

I think we could have our first case of the Padres skipping Latos in the rotation. The Padres are off on Thursday and again on Monday (travel day to Tampa). Latos, who pitches Tuesday, is set to pitch again Sunday against the Orioles.

The Padres could easily have Jon Garland come back on Sunday and skip Latos one time through the rotation. I’m not saying I’ve heard this or that is will happen. It’s just a thought to hang onto moving forward.

Another thing, as we head toward July and the All-Star break: The Padres have an off-day before starting their final trip before the break (July 5) and then, of course, they’re off for four days (July 12-15) before starting the second half.

Black could certainly reset his rotation for the second half then.

The Padres are in the process of getting Tim Stauffer stretched out to be a starter, in case of trade, injury, whatever. Remember, he was very good in that long role before that emergency appendectomy.

Also, Cesar Carrillo or Radhames Liz with Triple-A Portland are guys the Padres could look to when they want to give Latos a breather.

We’re not sure when that blow will happen, but we know that it will.

Corey Brock, MLB.com, Padres.com

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