Leitner on Harwell …

We were asked to get quotes on Tuesday about the passing of longtime Tigers broadcaster Ernie Harwell, who died at the age of 92.

I talked with longtime Padres radio broadcaster Ted Leitner. His quote is I’ve included it below. For more on Harwell’s passing, check out our special tribute to him on MLB.com.

I don’t have any stories to share about Harwell. I never met him, even during my time covering the Seattle Mariners. I do, however, understand the sentimental attachment of fans to broadcasters.

I grew up listening to Dave Niehaus call Mariners game and I’m not too far removed from my childhood where I can’t remember how important that was to me.

“We played in Detroit in Interleague play and I saw
him in the lunch line. I went to get my tray and go by him to introduce
and he turned around and stuck out his hand and said ‘Hi young man, how
are you?’ That’s so much what I’ve heard about him. That
impressed the hell out of me. He asked me to sit and eat with him. I
thought to
myself, ‘what a gracious guy.” —
Ted Leitner on Ernie Harwell.

— Corey Brock, MLB.com

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