Padres Primer: 3/31/10 (Getaway edition)

Happy Wednesday from Peoria. It’s our last day here. That’s right. The car is packed up, fueled up and ready to bolt for home after today’s game.

The Padres face the Royals at 12:05 p.m. today (that’s one hour earlier, so everyone, including team, staff and media can begin the pilgrimage for San Diego ASAP). The game will be on AM 1700 with Andy and Ted calling the shots.

These last games are always interesting. The regulars take one swing (and early in the count, no less) before departing. Soon enough, No. 97 is playing shortstop and the soon-to-be-members of the Fort Wayne Wizards are in the field.

David Eckstein
is shipping his Honda and driving to San Diego in a car that has XM radio. I will be doing the same. The XM is a lifesaver. Chan. 47, Alt-Nation, is the only way to go.

No word yet on roster moves. Honestly, I’m not sure if we’ll have anything today. The team might wait until the workout on Saturday at PETCO Park to set the roster. So keep that in mind today.

Check back later at or on Twitter: @FollowThePadres for updates.

Hey, let’s take a poke at the 25-man roster, shall we?

Catchers (2): Hundley, Torrealba
Infielders (6): Gonzalez, Salazar, Eckstein, Hairston Jr., Cabrera, Headley
Outfielders (5): Blanks, Gwynn, Venable, Hairston, Stairs.
Pitchers (12): Garland, Young, Correia, Richard, Latos, Gallagher, Stauffer, Mujica, Russell, Gregerson, Adams, Bell.

Look about right?

The starting lineup …

1. Gwynn, CF
2. Hairston Jr., 2B
3. Gonzalez, 1B
4. Headley, 3B
5. Venable, RF
6. Hairston, LF
7. Hundley, C
8. Zawadzki, SS
9. Garland, SP

Pitchers: Garland and then a bunch of guys I haven’t heard of. Honestly, they haven’t released the names of guys.You’ll have to tune into the game for details.

About Thursday: The Padres are in Anaheim to face the Angels in an exhibition game. Chris Young is scheduled to pitch. He will also start the second game of the season in Arizona on Tuesday.

About Friday: The Padres are in Lake Elsinore to face their Single-A team. Kevin Correia will get the start in that game and then on Wednesday against Arizona.

About Saturday: The Padres will have a workout at PETCO Park at 3 p.m. This isn’t open to the public. This is when, I assume we’ll have the answers about the final 25-man roster at that time.

So this is our final farewell from Peoria. Hope you have enjoyed the updates. Some of you have written, which is always nice. Please feel free to do so and to check Twitter as well. I imagine the blogging will continue during the regular season.

Corey Brock,,


I’ve appreciated these updates immensely, Mr. Brock… they fed my addiction to procrastination swimmingly.

Thanks, Corey, for all your hard work this spring. I have really appreciated the updates, especially when I couldn’t watch or listen. I loved my week there and will miss Salty’s until next year. Have a great trip home and bring on Padres 2010!

I will “3rd that motion.”
(The one about C.B. doing a fine and comprehensive job covering his assigned ballclub.)
Drive safely, young feller….

Thank you!

Thanks Corey. These primer’s have been awesome all through spring. It has been a daily read for me.

Corey, I miss your blog….😦

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