Padres primer: 3/27/10

Good morning from Peoria.

We’re down to our final days here. This is our last Saturday here in Arizona. Pretty weird to think I’ve been here since Feb. 17. Anyway, enough about me, right?

We’ve got baseball today … two games, in fact.

One squad is headed to Mesa to face the Cubs at 1:05 p.m. The game won’t be on the radio but will be televised on WGN, for those cable systems back in San Diego that receive WGN.

The game here in Peoria against the Reds at 1:05 p.m. will be televised live on Chan. 4 and on radio on XX 1090 AM.

A bit of early news: Just heard that the Padres No. 1 draft pick from 2009, Donavan Tate, won’t be ready for the start of the Minor League season. He suffered a sprain to his left shoulder diving for a ball this week. Also, outfielder Jaff Decker has a hamstring injury and won’t be ready for the start of the season. Decker will begin the year at Single A  Lake Elsinore when he’s ready. Both will remain in Peoria for extended Spring Training. I will say the Padres are not overly concerned about these injuries.

Also, Sean Gallagher, after being stretched out earlier in camp, is now back to shorter stints in the bullpen. Have you noticed? What does this mean? It means he’s on the team and will be a part of the bullpen moving forward. Yes, he’s still capable of going long but I can see him being used in 1-2 inning spots as well. And if Mat Latos‘ elbow continues to be “cranky” as Bud Black calls it, well, there you go.

About Latos … he threw between 30-35 pitches today. We’ll see what Black has to say about it later. Again, the Padres don’t expect it to be much and that by backing off him for a few days he’ll be fine. It worked for Jon Garland, right?

Speaking of Jon Garland … I know I mentioned yesterday that having Chris Young start the regular-season opener made sense. I still think it does. But I think the team might be more inclined, especially after how good Garland looked yesterday, to go with him in the opener at Arizona on April 5, and CY on the second game. Then it stacks up that CY will start the home opener at PETCO Park.

But how about this? The Padres start with a four-man rotation, thus limiting Latos early innings. They have off days on April 8 and April 13. Hmmm, food for thought. I don’t like this idea as much as the aforementioned theory with Garland as 1 and CY as 2 but it’s interesting.

The starting lineups …

(vs. Reds, in Peoria)

1. Cabrera, SS
2. Denorfia LF
3. Venable, RF
4. Hairston, CF
5. Salazar, 1B
6. Hundley, C
7. Antonelli, 2B
8. Forsythe, 3B
9. Stauffer, SP

(at Cubs, in Mesa)

1. Gwynn, CF
2. Eckstein, 2B
3. Hairston Jr., SS
4. Gonzalez, 1B
5. Blanks, LF
6. Headley, 3B
7. Torrealba, C
8. Cunningham, RF
9. Richard, SP

Corey Brock,,


I’m hoping you left out a word from this sentance …

I will say the Padres are overly concerned about these injuries.

I’m hoping you left out a word from this sentance …

I will say the Padres are overly concerned about these injuries.

… such as the word “not”???

Corey, these blogs are wonderful. Right away, they have become my favorite part of Padres coverage between you and the U-T. Thank you! I really missed them while you were ill.

I say it’s okay for you to talk about your experiences as well as what you see. We’re interested. Please don’t cut that part short out of a desire for professionalism!

I don’t think the Padres can afford to dump Stauffer. They have to keep him or trade him. I think the loyalty shown by keeping him may send a good message to our young team. With this team, building chemistry is the only thing.

Thanks again, and take care,

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