Padres primer: 3/26/10

My deepest apologies friends. I’ve been a bad blogger. I was in Tucson for a few days and have also been under the weather a little. Anyway, I’m back and we’ll try to finish up strong … sort of like the resurgent Padres who have played well of late.

We’re in Maryvale for a game against the Brewers today where, apparently, Jim Edmonds, has a very good chance of making the team. That would be the same Jim Edmonds who was a bust in his six or so weeks with the Padres in 2008.

Oh well, these things happen, yes?

A few things to keep in mind over the weekend.

The Padres are this close to naming their Opening Day starting pitcher. It’s either going to be Chris Young or Jon Garland. My guess is Young. He’s looked good this spring and from what we’ve seen, his velocity is back to where it was when he was healthy.

That said, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it’s Garland. He’s throwing today and missed his last start with a cranky soreness. But he felt fine after a 30-pitch side session on Tuesday. We’ll see how he comes out of today. Another thing: Do the math. The way things lineup right now, Garland would pitch Opening Day in Arizona. Hmmm, maybe Garland is the guy.

Speaking of pitching, Mat Latos has been scratched from his start on Saturday with manager Bud Black calls a “cranky” elbow. I didn’t get a sense from Black that it’s anything serious. He’s looked awfully good in camp. He’s in the rotation, trust me on that.

Taking Latos place in the split squad game will be Tim Stauffer. I’ve said this before and I will say it again: I wouldn’t be surprised if the Padres swing next week to send him to a pitching-starved team. I believe you could get a mid-level prospect in return. Remember, Stauffer is out of options and I don’t see how he makes the 12-man staff unless, for whatever reason, a guy like Edward Mujica doesn’t make it (I’m just talking out loud here) and the Padres keep two true long guys (Sean Gallagher and Stauffer). That’s a long shot, though.

Also, there will be a handful of cuts this weekend. Black confirmed as much. The Padres still have 38 players in camp so there shouldn’t be any big surprises with this round of cuts. The Padres have until April 4 to get down to 25 players. In my mind, the roster is essentially set. That’s sure a far cry from last spring, isn’t it?

And, speaking of a year ago, don’t you think Wade LeBlanc would have made that staff had he had the spring he’s having now? Wow, that’s confusing. LeBlanc has a 1.80 ERA and has shown good fastball command to go along with his changeup, a pitch that’s a plus pitch for him. He’s getting hitters out with his fastball. I think in any other year — like last year, when Shawn Hill and Walter Silva made the rotation — he would break camp with the team. This spring? I don’t see how. Don’t fret, though, he’ll be up soon enough. No team goes the whole season with the same starting five.

What are your thoughts on the starting five? Young, Garland, Correia, Richard and Latos?

Corey Brock,,


I completely agree with you Corey, The rotation will be Young,Corriea,Garland,Richards and latos (Young being the Opening Day Starter)
The bullpen should look like
Gregerson,Adams,Russell,Thatcher,Gallagher,Mujica and Bell
Would love to see Cunningham and Durango make the club, but that doesn’t appear to be happening with the way Gwynn is hitting the ball.
Just my 2 cents!

hey….”that’s my job…it’s what I do!!”
I don’t know, Corey….with off-days on the 8th and 13th I would lean towards Bud going with four starters the first couple of times through, with the 5th guy (Richard??) not getting his first assignment until the 17th (or 18th).
Can ya TWEET me a response?? Love “following” you there…I am “AXISROTO” @ Twitter.


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