Padres: All eyes this spring on … ?

Greetings from Peoria, where beginning Thursday, we’ll have six weeks of Padres coverage here at, and Twitter: FollowThePadres.

Up at right now is a pre-Spring Training Inbox talking about, among other things, where David Eckstein will hit in the lineup. Also, later Wednesday night, we’ll have a story on Kyle Blanks, who will start in left field.

Tomorrow, it all starts for real. I know fans have been patiently waiting for the start of Spring Training. New general manager Jed Hoyer was anything but idle this winter, making several roster moves to help shape the 2010 team.

I’m curious, now that Spring Training has arrived, which player will you be keeping an eye on the most? Is it Jon Garland, Mat Latos, Chase Headley, Chris Young or someone else? Who, in your mind, holds the key to the season?

There’s certain things we come to expect — Adrian Gonzalez, for one. You know what you’re going to get from Kevin Correia and even Heath Bell. But who are you watching the most?

Corey Brock,

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