Thatcher’s Super Bowl pick? That’s easy …

There’s a few Padres players who will have a serious rooting interest in today’s Super Bowl.

One of them is Padres reliever Joe Thatcher, a native of Kokomo, which is about one hour outside Indianapolis.

Or, close enough for Thatcher to take the plunge and buy season tickets to the Colts this season.

Because of workouts and other obligations, Thatcher figures he made it to about five games this season. He won’t be in Miami but will be at his parents house with a large group rooting for the Colts.

On deciding not to go to Super Bowl:

“It’s the last weekend at home before Spring Training and I
didn’t feel like traveling. I wanted to relax one last weekend.”

“We’re having a big Super Bowl party at my parents house (in
Kokomo), we’ll have about 30 or 40 people at the house, all Colts’ fans,”
Thatcher said. “It’s a smaller town and all everyone is talking about is the

Do the Colts have a chance?:”Anytime you’ve got Peyton Manning, you’ve got to like their
chances,” Thatcher said. “He’s awfully fun to watch. He’s the face of Indiana.
And I think their defense has been really good all year. You don’t win 14 games
in a row if you’re defense isn’t good.”

Corey Brock,

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