Who are your sleepers for Opening Day? …

I know. Taking a stab at the 25-man roster on Feb. 2 doesn’t make a whole lot of sense does it?

Look at what happened last spring, when the Padres went through a flurry of moves to get their roster ready for Opening Day. It’s a fair point, but I think the roster will be a little more settled in 2010 and fewer spots will be open for competition.

That said, there’s always a chance a sleeper (or two) could make a run at the 25-man Opening Day roster with a strong spring. I don’t think anyone thought late-comer Luke Gregerson would have had a shot when he arrived last March. Edwin Moreno, anyone?

The point is that six weeks in Arizona is enough time for someone to make a good impression (or a bad one, too).

Here’s a link to the current 40-man roster. Take a look and let me know if, for you, there are any sleepers on there who could reasonably make a run at the Opening Day roster. Also, what are going to be the top position battles (that includes rotation and bullpen)?

Who is on the bubble for you? Sean Gallagher and Tim Stauffer are two pitchers who are out of Minor League options, for example. If they don’t make the roster, you risk losing them. I know the Padres haven’t seen enough of Gallagher to let that happen. Look for him to pitch a lot in Spring Training.

Anyway, have at it.

Heck, I’ll even go first. I’m intrigued by pitcher Radhames Liz, who the Padres claimed off of waivers from the Orioles. Big arm, lacks control. With six weeks during the tutelage of pitching coach Darren Balsley … well, who knows?

Corey Brock, MLB.com and on Twitter: @FollowThePadres

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As far as for the sleeper player for the spring, I would go with Sean Gallagher, who I believe has a good chance of making the ballclub. He showed at the end of 09′ he can pitch effectively. I’m excited for him. As for last spring, Edwin Moreno I was a fan of and was happy to see him make the club, but he did struggle early in the season I believe due to his “youth” still being to young in the majors and being a little excited while pitching in key situations. I personally knew he still was making those rookie mistakes in the majors, but for some reason I was excited to see him pitch, dont know why. I still remember when Moreno lost a game for us in Philly. It was a weekend series and Pads were up by 1 or 2 runs, in comes Moreno with runners on I believe and gave up a home run which ended up winning the game for the Phillies. That pitch was right there at the heart of the plate. Rookie mistake I thought, he needs some seasoning. The Sean Gallagher and Tim Stauffer deal will be fun, but I probably see the Padres parting with Stauffer if he doesnt make the club. I really cant see them parting ways with Gallagher because like you mentioned Corey there is so much promise in Sean, its to early to give up on him now. Stauffer on the other hand has been with the Padres for a while now and has been given opportunities where personally I believe he’s done a great job with, but the Padres will have to make a choice on Stauffer. They could also use him as trade bait come spring. Who knows, will see what happens. I dont want to see Stauffer leave though, he can still pitch and be valuable to the Padres, but the Padres might not think so at this point they’ve probably seen enough and don’t value him as much as I do. As far a battle for a spot goes, I would say the #5 spot in the roation. Although I feel it should go to Latos, many feel that its not a given and you could see Stauffer,Sean Gallagher and Wade Leblanc in there trying to compete making it difficult for the Padres brass to make a choice, but maybe one of thes three pitchers could also be traded. I like the outcome though already of what the roation looks like and the promise I can see in Latos. I see him as a consitent pitcher down the stretch, Latos could be the future of the franchise, maybe?

Harley Gunther@harleygunther@cox.net

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