Jed Hoyer’s first major trade: Your thoughts? …

So you’ve been waiting and waiting for the Padres to make a big splash — or even a minor ripple — this off-season, right?

Well, this is it.

On Friday, the Padres and Oakland A’s swung a deal; the Padres will send third baseman Kevin Kouzmanoff and Minor League second baseman Eric Sogard to the A’s for outfielders Scott Hairston and Aaron Cunningham.

Here’s my story from Friday night with details. It’s important to note the deal isn’t official yet. The players involved will be physicals first. Kouzmanoff is headed to Oakland today, Saturday, and I expect Hairston will head to San Diego to do the same very soon.

The Padres have been looking for a right-handed hitting outfielder and have found it in a player they had for parts of three seasons and one they traded to the A’s in July. This says to me the Padres either didn’t like what was left on the free agent market or didn’t like the cost.

Parting with Kouzmanoff is going to be tough for Padres fans. He’s clearly been a fan favorite here and has improved immensely defensively in each of his three seasons here. There was a thought internally that he had reached his ceiling offensively (which, I should add, was still pretty good).

Now Chase Headley can slide back to his natural position at third base, leaving left field, presumably, in the large hands of Kyle Blanks.

Hairston was ecstatic about the deal. He never wanted to go in the first place. Here’s my story from last night talking about Hairston’s return and what it means for Headley.

I’m sure we’ll hear more on the trade today or Sunday.  For the latest updates, check and Twitter at @FollowThePadres.

Corey Brock


woohoo! Does this mean we can sign a Molina?

Have to admit I did not see that one coming in any way.
But it does get you some interesting and developing outfielders at a lower price.
Kevin K. was a great piece of that Padres line-up, but as we all know some teams are streamlining their payroll at the wildest places and opening the competition to the guys during Spring Training.
Also, the fact that by the thrids week of Spring games, players will become availiable via youngsters showing enough promise that teams will toss a veteran to the side is great for San Diego.
They might be in line to land someone they might not have thought was in their plans before that time……..Weirder things have happened.

Rays Renegade

The name of your blog is enough to keep me coming back. I think it’s great. I’m reading, just never said hello. Hello.

LOVE this deal! Blanks and Hairston and AGon are a meaty middle of the lineup and Venable-Hairston/Gwynn can track down balls that big Kyle may not get to, although he isn’t bad out there. Kouz’s low OBP was a killer. This is great.

I hate that we had to lose the Kouz. He was the best!!

Miss you Kooooooooooooooooooooooz.

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