Padres with money to spend? …

I had lunch with new Padres general manager Jed Hoyer on Thursday and it sounds like the team will have some money to spend in free agency, even though the payroll, once again, is going to be in the $40 millions, much like it was a year ago ($43 million).

The Padres have moved some big contracts off the books in the last year — Jake Peavy and Brian Giles — and even though they could end up paying their arbitration-eligible players like Heath Bell, Kevin Kouzmanoff, Kevin Correia and Mike Adams in upwards of $12 million, they figure to still have money to spend.

Here’s a story I wrote for on Thursday about the team as free agency is set to start at 9 p.m. PT. today.

Corey Brock, Twitter: @FollowThePadres

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Hi from Spain. Im Miguel A. Martin, from the blog Padres Hispanos. First at all, congratulations for your great job in the Padres. Is a great honor write to you.
After read your article about the Padres in the Free Agency, and the possibility of have some money to spend in it, I want to ask to you, three questions. I want to write about that, in my blog. In your opinion:
Whats the highest necessity of the team (perhaps look for a good starter pitcher or better a good outfielder)?
Whats the possibility to get a really good player (to help in the rebuilding), in the Free Agency? (If the possible trade of Gonzo, happens).
What could decide Jeff Moorad, if the Padres became in a NL West contender in a couple of years (could grow the payroll near 70 million $, again)?
Thanks a lot, for your time and attention. Bye

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