Kevin Towers, the gunslinger …

Sorry, it’s been a busy last couple of days. In Philadelphia getting ready to help cover the NLDS.

I’ll provide a few blogs during the week that will serve as talking points moving forward into the off-season.

The first regards the dismissal of longtime GM Kevin Towers.

Here’s my story from a few days ago about Towers time in San Diego and the link to the story from Saturday when CEO Jeff Moorad talked to reporters about his decision not to retain Towers.

For me, KT was a dream to deal with. Always returned calls, was open, candid and helped me a lot as someone new to the beat. And, of course, he’s an Oregon Ducks fan, as am I.

Here’s a line from that Towers story that I thought summed things up nicely.

“If you were to define a gunslinger, you think back to throwback,
old-school guy,” Towers said. “… That’s the way I was taught when I
played [from] coaches, rival executives, scouts, players, teammates.
That’s the way I was taught to do it.

“When I think of a gunslinger, I think of a guy who shoots first or
throws the first punch. He wins the battle. K.T. was always about
winning the battle.”

What are your thoughts on the decision to remove Towers as GM? As you excited about the prospect of a new GM? What do you want in a new GM?

Corey Brock,,, @FollowThePadres


Cory, thanks for the blogs for us Pad fans to keep us up to date on the happenings of the team. Being a lifelong Pad fan since their inseption in 69′ and now in AZ so have to make road trips to games I think it is a travesty that KT is no longer with us. He was doing a good job with one hand tied behind his back due to the money situation, or lack there of to sign whoever he wanted. I think he has built a great nucleus of young talent-

I attended an event at Petco a couple of years ago put together by the folks at Baseball Prospectus where they got KT to give a talk … and KT was VERY interesting to listen to … VERY candid … it was obvious he was a hard-working GM … very intelligent … very able to “play the game” … it gave me a lot of confidence that my team was in good hands … over and above the results that I had seen (playoffs in ’96, WS in ’98, playoffs again in 04/05/06) …

KT has had a good run …

And I’m 100% behind the new owner in trying to find someone better … someone who build the organization to the point of a world championship …

Could KT deliver that in the future? Perhaps … and I’m pretty sure he’ll get a chance to do just that with another organization …

I want the Padres’ owner to do what he thinks is best in the long term for the team … and I trust his judgement if that means getting a new GM …

I have high hopes for the Padres over the coming 5-10 years … if those high hopes get dashed, I’ll know where to place the blame … Moorad has made that clear … I like clarity …

My understanding of the firing of KT is best described in this article … titled “Wrong perceptions, right move” …

… a MUST read for Padres fans.

The future is bright … when to pitcher’s and catcher’s report?🙂

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