Ruining the party …

It might not matter by the time you read this, but the Padres managed to put the Dodgers NL West Division title celebration on hold with a 3-1 victory on Tuesday at PETCO Park.

I must admit, for the first time in a wild, there was some electricity at the ballpark, though some of that might have come from fans dressed in blue and white. Whatever. There was a buzz there.

The Padres continued their nice run since July 28 with the same formula that has allowed them to go 35-23 since then: Strong starting pitching, great work from the bullpen and enough offense to make it stand up.

I thought left-handed pitcher Cesar Ramos pitched well
and might have earned another start in the regular-season finale on Sunday against the Giants. Better still, Ramos is a lifelong fan of the Dodgers, as you can read here in my game story.

How big a fan? The guy skipped school to go see games.

SAN DIEGO — By his own estimation, Cesar Ramos figures he attended
every Dodgers home opener from the time he was 8 to 18, which meant
that a shift in plans from where he normally was supposed to be on
those sun-splashed afternoons.

“Oh yeah, I would skip classes to be there,” Ramos said, almost
proudly. “… That was something I wouldn’t miss. They [Ramos’ parents]
understood. They’re Dodgers fans.”

Anyways, what were your thoughts on Tuesday’s game? Does waylaying the Dodgers for even one night mean anything to you or is seeing the Padres continue to develop their young talent what excites you the most at this point in the season?

Corey Brock,,, @FollowThePadres, Facebook


Keeping the Dodgers from clinching is a HUGE deal. They are going to clinch and make the playoffs but why not make the team and their fans wait a little bit longer? Not only that but from a realists perspective our overall for the season has been horrible. The second half has been good but looking for the year we have been pretty abysmal. That being said being able to keep the Dodgers from clinching to me is like our own little playoff series and we need to sweep it.

The dodgers are going to win and that makes me sad because I loathe them but as long as long as they clinch somewhere that isn’t San Diego turf i can sleep a little bit better

Omar Vizquel has been a talented shortstop for nearly 2 decades in the majors. He’s now decided to toss hit hat into the pit, for bull fighting.


We’d appreciate the link, and will return the favor.

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