More affordable tickets in 2010 …

Here’s a snippet from a story I wrote yesterday about the Padres plan for more affordable ticket options for 2010.

Corey Brock,,, @FollowThePadres, Facebook

DENVER — Holding true to a mantra that they want to “create affordability,” the Padres announced on Thursday that a majority of their tickets for 2010 will either be reduced or remain at the pricing level they were this season.

Season tickets for next season will come at a 35 percent discount from individual tickets. As for those individual tickets, 60 percent of those that are sold will go for less than they did this season.

“We sent out a survey to our fans and conducted focus groups, and one of the things that came back consistently was that the economy has affected people,” Padres COO Tom Garfinkel said before Thursday’s game at Coors Field against the Rockies.

“This [new pricing plan] is a testament to our commitment to that. It allows us an opportunity to create affordability.”

San Diego vice chairman and CEO Jeff Moorad made the announcement on Thursday and said in a statement: “When we closed our transaction, I said affordability was a critical goal of our ownership group,” Moorad said.

“We are now providing our fans with more affordability, more options and enhanced value. We are excited about next season and inspired by the loyalty and emotional attachment of Padre fans.”
The Padres begin next season on April 5 in Arizona and will play their first game at home at PETCO Park on April 12 against Atlanta.

“We proactively asked our fans what was important to them and they told us that this economy has affected everyone and affordability was a priority. We listened and we’re responding,” Moorad said.

“We want to do everything we can to make it easier for fans to watch what will continue to be an energetic, athletic and youthful brand of Padres baseball.”

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