The development of Everth Cabrera …

Happy Thursday everyone, here’s a little off-day Padres reading and a question to tie you over until the team begins a four-game series in Pittsburgh.

My story, linked here, is about the development of 22-year-old Everth Cabrera, from a Rule 5 draft pick in December to the Padres everyday shortstop moving forward.

Here’s a small snippet for you:

“Every general manager is asking me how we got that
shortstop,” Padres general manager Kevin Towers said. “Middle
infielders who can run and play defense like Everth are, well, those
guys are hard to find. Yes, he has exceeded our expectations.”

Cabrera, a Rule 5 Draft addition from the Colorado Rockies, is
hitting .263 with 23 steals in his first taste of the Major Leagues.
He’s probably stolen more runs than he’s driven in (28), adding to his
worth, especially at a premium position. 

At any rate, where does Cabrera’s development this season rank on your list of highlights?

What is your favorite storyline from the 2009 season? Cabrera, Mat Latos, adding young talent in two trades, avoiding 100 losses, the All-Star seasons of Adrian Gonzalez and Heath Bell.

Let’s hear what you have to say.

Corey Brock,,, Twitter: @FollowThePadres


If not #1, I’ll rate it as #2. Edged out only by Mat Latos, I’m very excited for him next year.

#2 behind Latos. Those 2 have a lot to do with the Padres NOT losing 100 this year and give Padres fans more to look forward to.

An Ace and a Starting SS with a good glove and speed. Nice!

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