The latest on Kouzmanoff …

Happy Saturday! Only a few more hours until my Oregon Ducks try to get that first win of the season against Purdue. But, alas, this is a Padres blog, so let’s get to a little news.

I talked to Kevin Kouzmanoff late last night after the game. He wasn’t limping around nearly as much as he was Wednesday morning in San Francisco, a day after he strained his left calf as he planted with the left foot and made a throw to first base.

Kouzmanoff said the calf was feeling better to some degree though when he plants with it, it still bothers him. He was told that he could expect to be out between seven and 10 days. That would mean somewhere between Sept. 15-18, when the team is on the road next week.

Padres manager Bud Black said Friday that Kouzmanoff might return sometime when the team goes on the road. The Padres are home through Wednesday, are off Thursday and start a four-game series in Pittsburgh on Friday.

That likely means a minimum of six games (counting Friday) without their RBI’s (84) leader. They surely could have used another right-handed bat in Friday’s 4-1 loss to the Rockies.

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