Looking ahead to 2010: The rotation …

I’ve done this a little bit on my Twitter page but let’s give it a whirl again here on the blog. Please feel free to leave a comment (easy registration) and let me know what you think the rotation will look like on Opening Day of 2010.

As always, I’ll take the plunge first. Before doing so, let me say this: Despite the number of arms the team has added this summer — seven alone in the two deals for Scott Hairston and Jake Peavy — I think general manager Kevin Towers might add another arm this winter.

But for now, we’ll work with the guys on the current 40-man roster. Anyway, we’ll work on the rest of the team in the coming days. But lets hear what you have to think about the rotation.

1. Chris Young, minor shoulder surgery will be fine for Spring Training.
2. Mat Latos, fine rookie showing, fearless (unlike other young pitchers), should get better.
3. Clayton Richard, like Latos, should only get better, sinkerball could play well in 2010.
4. Kevin Correia, under club control for ’10. Innings-eater and one of baseball’s best bargains.
5. Aaron Poreda, splitting up lefties. Could go Gallagher here, but Poreda has nice, raw stuff.

Anyway, now it’s your turn.

Corey Brock, MLB.com, Padres.com, Twitter


I go CY, Latos, Correia, Gallagher, and Richard. I’m still not 100% sold on Richard. In his starts he’s been really good, or really awful. I’m sure a spring training with Bals will help. I like Gallagher a lot. I watched a few of his starts on tv when he was with the cubs. His 12-6 is nasty. The #4 and #5 spot is going to be very interesting next year…Gonna be a dog fight in Spring Training thats for sure.

I’ll take a slightly different approach here:

1. CY
2. Correia
3. Richard
4. Latos
5. Ramos

I have CY, Correia, Latos, Gallagher, Richard. But I think as soon as CY proves he’s healthy, he’s gone.

I think that the Padres are going to be cautious with Latos and Poreda, and have both of them start the season in the minors. Latos due to his innings limit, they really aren’t going to want him to throw more then 160-170 innings next year (especially given his injury history). And Poreda might need more time to refine his stuff specifically his secondary pitches. So I would guess something like this:

1. Chris Young
2. Kevin Correia
3. Clayton Richard
4. Sean Gallagher
5. Wade Leblanc/Tim Stuffer

In addition they may want Gallagher to start in the minors as well. Plus I agree that the Padres will more then likely add a starter through free agency. My hope, the Yankees non-tented Wang, and the Padres pick him up to reestablish his value. Not only does it make sense, since he is talented, but I honestly believe the Padres are at least another year away from truly competing, and he could become a very valuable asset at the trade deadline next year.

CY, Correia, Stauffer, Gallagher, Richard. I agree Latos and Poreda plus LeBlanc will probably start in the minors and if any of the those starters falter, they’ll come up.

1. Chris Young
2. Kevin Correia
3. Mat Latos
4. Clayton Richard
5. Aaron Poreda
Kind of like yours, Corey. Just in a different order.

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