What will Will Venable do today? …

After watching him making diving catches in each of the last three games, I’m starting to wonder a few things about Will Venable.

a.) Will he ever dive and not get a ball?
b.) What will he do today for an encore?
c.) What are your thoughts on Venable’s play?

Honestly, I thought he was a fourth outfield type heading into the year and I challenge anyone to tell me they saw this coming. Not only has he put himself in the Padres plans for next season but we has probably locked down a starting spot.

Check out the Will Venable highlight reel.

Corey Brock, MLB.com

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I didn’t see his sparkling outfirld play coming, but I thought that in his callup last season he showed very good plate discipline and a little bit of pop. So his performance overall isn’t as surprising to me as it is to others. He’s a pure ballplayer and a future team leader in the clubhouse and on the field, with a hint of swagger in his mannerisms. And is it just me or is he centrally involved in every victory the Padres have had since the end of July? Can’t say that about many of his teammates.

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