No deal for Tate … just yet

Greetings from St. Louis again today where the Padres play the second game of a three-game series against the Cardinals here in a few hours.

As we get close to the Aug. 17 deadline for draft picks to sign, I assume we’ll hear all sorts of rumors about players agreeing to deals, some that pan out and others that don’t.

Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus, on his Twitter account (@kingclip) said this afternoon that he has “reason to believe Donavan Tate has signed with the Padres for $6.5 million. That sounds about right from everyone I’ve talked to.

General manager Kevin Towers told me earlier, via text, that it’s “not a done deal. Still working on it.” So that’s not a flat denial, meaning something could break today or, at the very least on or by Monday.

In other words, the Padres, who have yet to sign their first, second and fourth-round draft picks, will sign Tate, the athletic outfielder from Georgia who earlier this week left football practices at the University of North Carolina, presumably, to prepare to get a deal done.

As for second-round pick, outfielder Everett Williams, the website is saying he’ll sign with the Padres on or before Aug. 17. Fourth-round pick, pitcher Keyvius Sampson, is also expected to sign and may be the first of the three to do so.

Anyway, as always, we’ll have the updates on and Twitter.

Corey Brock

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Just want to point out that some random, unidentified guy on a message board is the “source” on Williams. It’s not the actual writers at that site reporting anything.

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