Thoughts about Clayton Richard …

So a quick story about new Padres pitcher Clayton Richard. Really, it’s not that exciting but I was staying at Marriott in Baltimore last Sunday, after the last game of the Padres series with the Nationals.

I was flying out the next day and was unwinding in the lounge watching and the Tigers play the White Sox on ESPN. I was actually a little excited to see Detroit pitcher Rick Porcello throw, though it was his counterpart who caught my eye.

That pitcher was Clayton Richard, who I remembered from May when his name was brought up in the original Jake Peavy deal. Richard tamed the Tigers to the tune of one run in eight innings. Two walks, three strikeouts, really, a similar line to what we saw in his Padres debut Saturday.

I like the way he kept his sinker down in the strike zone, how he attacked left-handed hitters and generally was in the strike zone. I saw that last Sunday and again on Saturday. He had 11 ground-ball outs on Sunday and eight on Saturday, even though he threw 5 2/3 innings.

What kind of pitcher will Richard be for the Padres? Time will tell, but I see no reason why he can’t be a part of the rotation next season, toward the back end of the rotation. He’s certainly an upgrade over Walter Silva or Shawn Hill and having a left-hander in the rotation can’t hurt.

Cheers, Corey

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he kind of reminds me of peavy, just not peaved. hopefully next year mlb will give us a white sox v. padres interleague game where richard goes up against peavy. that would be awesome!

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