Stephen Strasburg as a Padre? …

As funny as it sounds, that’s something that could happen.

Having coffee in D.C. this morning and stumbled upon a story in the Washington Post about the Nationals/Strasburg on-going drama.

This excerpt was very interesting:

“If the Nationals fail to sign Strasburg, they would also receive a 2010
compensatory pick — “1B,” if you will. But Strasburg, after missing
the Nationals, could be selected by the next team, potentially the San
Diego Padres, who have the second-worst record in baseball right now.
Strasburg was raised in San Diego and attended San Diego State.”

So how about that? The Nationals can’t sign him, he goes back in the draft and the Padres, who are on-pace to finish with the second-worst record in baseball, though the Royals and Indians are threatening, select Strasburg in ’10.

What are your thoughts?

Cheers, Corey Brock,, Twitter: @FollowThePadres


It’s a little hard to fathom him leaving $20MM on the table, but I guess anything’s possible.

I understand that ballclubs cannot trade draft picks, but is there anything that stops Washington from signing Strasburg with the intention of flipping him for players and cash (the signing bonus) to a team that has the payroll flexibility to do that type of deal?

Under this scenario the Nationals could flip to a team, like the Angels, that have the young players the Nationals would covet – say a Howie Kendrick fo fill the hole at 2B, Jose Arredondo to fix closer, and a minor league pitcher.
Just a thought.

I don’t think the Padres especially with their current ownership mess would have the ability to satisfy Boras’ financial demands.

A player that is drafted cannot be traded to another team until one year has passed after he signed.

Another thing that Strasburg has to consider is that if he waits until next year, he’s just delaying his eventual free agency (6 years) by another year.

I hope in the end he makes the right decision in spite of his agent.

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