A day after the no-hitter …

Three hours before first pitch Saturday, Edgar Gonzalez grabbed and bat and hustled off behind his brother Adrian Gonzalez to the batting cage.

Kyle Blanks and Greg Burke played cards. A handful of other players watched a replay of the 2006 All-Star Game on a television in the visiting clubhouse.

To be sure, there wasn’t a single player sitting in front of his locker staring into oblivion or still sulking about the events that took place Friday at AT&T Park when Giants pitcher Jonathan Sanchez no-hit the Padres, striking out 11 with no walks.

Find that strange? Tony Gwynn doesn’t, for one simple reason: There was a game Saturday. And Sunday. No matter what happened Friday, no-hitter or not, it has no bearing on the team moving forward. Baseball, because of the schedule, allows for a short memory.

“There are way too many baseball games in a season to get caught up in any one game,” Gwynn said before Saturday’s game against the Giants.

“Unless it’s a game that’s going to get you into the playoffs, you can’t worry about it. You have a game like that [Friday] … you don’t have a choice. If you want to be successful that next day you’ve got to forget about the last game and focus on that next game.”

Yes, there are issues here with this Padres team, deep ones. The pitching has been awful, the offense ranks last in the Major Leagues in runs and batting average. Having players like David Eckstein and Nick Hundley on the disabled list doesn’t help. Trading Scott Hairston, even though the Padres will receive three pitchers in return when it’s all said and done, was certainly a blow to the offense.

But that’s not really the point. The point is there was no one in the Padres clubhouse prior to Saturday’s game feeling sorry for themselves for what took place Friday. That’s just the way it should be, Gwynn said.

“It can’t carryover. Just like when you have a good game the night before. It doesn’t matter the next day. That’s the best part about this game, being in July, you’ve got the next day ahead of you.”

Manager Bud Black was asked before the game Saturday if he needed to give any sort of inspirational speech to rally his hitters following such a difficult loss. He shook his head.

“Guys know what happened,” he said.

Cheers, Corey Brock
MLB.com, Twitter: @FollowThePadres


These guys should be with the batting coach working on how to make adjustments, selective hitting, working the count, driving the ball, protecting the plate..you can see this stuff is not geeting done….what’s is Bud Black doing??? untill these guys step up it should be all business..( playing cards ..AWGGG ) Fire Black he is a loser and he’s letting these losers coast.

Every National League pitcher should send flowers to the Padres management. Take one Padres team with terrible hitting and scoring statistics–the only major league team not to score in double digits. How do you make it worse? Let’s trade the highest batting average player (Hairston) on the team for more minor leaguers!

Be prepared for more shutouts and no hit attempts. (The Pads were no hit for 9 innings the SECOND time this week; the first was the last nine innings of an extra inning game.)

The NL pitchers should be salivating to play the Pads. It is a gift to their ERA’s!

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