Video interview with Chase Headley …

So I’ve been a little neglectful with using my Flip video camera. We took some videos in Spring Training that proved to be a big hit, though I’ll admit I didn’t think watching David Eckstein take batting practice would get so many page views.

Anyway, it’s a little tougher to use this thing in the regular season, especially since you don’t have as much player access and, personally, I don’t have that much time with all of the writing assignments we’re responsible for on a daily basis.

That being said, I brought the Flip to San Fransisco and did a video interview with Padres left fielder, Chase Headley. Never mind the rambling questions or the unsteady hand, we’re still a work in progress.

Anyway, enjoy the video of Headley taken before Thursday’s game against the Giants.

Cheers, Corey Brock, On Twitter: @FollowThePadres

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Headley is just another link in pathetic chain called The Padres. It’s simply sickening to see so many of these guys hitting below .240 and maintaining spots on 25 man rosters. Watching Kevin Kouzmanhoff swinging and missing at a pitch that actually hit him in the foot last night sums up the quality of team we have here in San Diego. It’s no wonder they were no hit last night and should have been the night before. I hope Kevin Towers is having a nice relaxing time in Portland watching the All Star Game while the atrocity he is responsible for creating is being no hit night after night. What a stand up guy you are Kevin.

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