About that Padres pitching staff …

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Now, about that pitching …

It’s been a rough go of it for the Padres starting pitchers, namely Wade LeBlanc and Walter Silva who have combined to allowed 12 runs on 12 hits while getting only 11 outs the last two games.

No, that’s not going to cut it. You already saw LeBlanc dispatched to Triple-A Portland after his start on Thursday against Seattle. Silva gets a little more rope, if for no other reason than these Padres have no one else to call on.

Well, other than prospect Mat Latos, who, as we’ve discussed before, will probably be here in San Diego at some point this season. But at this rate, we might see Latos sooner than later.

The Padres are 6-16 in June and have a 5.78 ERA. They’re 10 games under .500. To stay that they’re missing Jake Peavy and Chris Young would be a tremendous understatement. To stay alive in baseball, to stay near .500, to have any kind of success, you need starting pitching.

The Padres simply aren’t getting enough of it.

So where to turn?

In the short term, I expect Josh Banks to get the start Tuesday against the Astros where LeBlanc would have taken his turn. Beyond that? There’s no immediate help in Portland as Matt Buschmann has a 6.48 ERA, Cesar Ramos is on the disabled list and Will Inman has struggled since a promotion from Double-A San Antonio.

Cesar Carrillo has a 5.13 ERA in San Antonio and Stephen Faris has a 4.97 ERA and has lost nine games. Latos? He’s 4-1 with a 1.89 ERA. Like I said before, his success coupled
with the ineffectiveness of guys like LeBlanc and Silva might push his timetable.

So what’s the next move? Brian Lawrence, Mike O’Connor? Or, how about promoting Latos and casting aside workload concerns? Promote him after the break, carefully monitor his innings and shut him down at, say, 120 innings.

Does that work for anyone else?

Cheers, Corey Brock


The season is lost. So why hurry him?

I’d give Stauffer a shot. He’s done very well at every level he’s played at this year. I especially like what I’ve seen from him at Portland. What a comeback story that would be, should he be able to be successful…

Well, I really like Chad Gaudin and Kevin Correia after this weekend🙂 I think whatever we do, we need to have some changes. I don’t want to see Silva out there every fifth day giving up the game. I am really glad that they sent down LeBlanc when they did. We need guys who will help us win. If they don’t do that, they shouldn’t be up here.

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