Your Monday must-reads … Seattle edition

Hey, the Mariners are in town, which takes me back to my Seattle roots, where I used to cover the Mariners for and worked at the News Tribune in Tacoma, going way back. I’ve got several links for your perusal this morning.

First of all, a reminder to everyone that our following is growing by the day at Especially for the Facebook friends of the San Diego Padres, check in for your best source for the latest Padres news, notes and insights.

OK, to the links. Here’s a few I posted over at earlier today.

Preview of today’s game. Note in there on Kouzmanoff cutting down his swing. Got to love fangraphs! (O-swing %).

Padres Minors: Story on LHP Nick Schmidt, a year after TJS. A recap of Mat Latos outing. Maybe we’ll see Latos on Saturday? Stay tuned.

My intern Amy Brittain put together a nice off-day story on #Padres catcher Nick Hundley’s defensive development.  Check out the quote from bench coach Ted Simmons. I think it’s very telling.

Here’s a link to my weekly interview on 1360 AM, talking Padres with my boys Josh and Brian.

We’ll have more later, of course at and

Cheers, Corey Brock


Great links!! I’m really excited about this series against the Mariners…if we play well, that is. GO PADRES!!

Ok fans, we got to start something fun even though the Padres aren’t too great right now. Here’s what we are going to do. Every day before the game, lets make some guesses as too what the score is going to be for the next Padres game.

I say that the series opener game with the Mariners tonight (6/16/09) is going to be 6-2 Mariners if both pitchers perform to their ERA. But my [hopeful] guess is that the score will be 4-2 Padres. But the key for tonight is that Keven Correia has to give us 6-7 innings and Kouz, L-Rod, and Eckstein have got to put together 4-5 hits w/ 2-3 walks. Only If.

Hey Corey, where is Mark Prior and when is he due back. What is going on with him? Can you give me the scoop?

Because there is no offense right now, I say the Padres lose 7-1 if Giles is in the lineup. If Giles is not in the lineup, Adrian and Kouz hit well tonight, and Chad G. has a fairly good outing, the Padres will win 4-3 or 5-4. That is my guess for 6/17/09.

Go Padres!!!

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