Moves are coming …

A year ago, during the Padres free-fall, general manager Kevin Towers repeatedly dipped down to Triple-A Portland and waded into the waiver pool for potential upgrades to the roster, anything to stem the flow of one loss that followed another.

Remember Sean Henn? How about Bryan Corey, Jared Wells, Brett Tomko, Brian Falkenborg. I could go on here but I think you get the point. This was a bad team and Towers, tired of seeing the same results, did what he could to improve the roster.

Of course, those guys weren’t the answer and, in many cases, weren’t much better than those they replaced.

That brings us to this season.

The Padres are preparing to make some roster moves in the coming days where they will add players to the 25-man roster, players who should upgrade the roster. Unlike 2008, the Padres are more or less dealing from a position of strength, not weakness.

“The people who are coming back should make us better,” Towers said
this week. “There’s going to be some tough decisions, some guys who
were a part of this run (10-game winning streak).”

Cliff Floyd will likely join the team in Denver, which means Drew Macias is likely heading to Triple-A Portland. As I’ve stated time and time again here before, I like Macias a lot. I think that he can produce at this level. If he is indeed the one to go, he’ll back back. This is a case where Minor League options make him the most expendable.

Now we can argue the merits of what Floyd has to offer and that Macias might give you the same offensively, but Floyd is being paid $850,000, has a track record and figures to be a nice bat off the bench for manager Bud Black.

Another move that could happen sooner than later is the addition of reliever Mike Adams to the bullpen? Remember, Adams was Black’s MVP from the bullpen for 2008 (yes, and that includes Hoffman and Bell) when he had a 2.48 ERA and was one of the few bright spots on the team.

Adams is working his way back from labrum surgery in October. He hasn’t had any setbacks along the rehab trail and figures to make this bullpen, this improved bullpen, only better. Like the Floyd move, this addition should help the team.

We’ll see eventually how these two help the team, but it’s safe to say that Towers feels a lot better about these moves than the ones he made a year ago.

Cheers, Corey


If you’re going to move someone off the active roster, move someone who’s not producing *cough* Giles *cough*. I realize he’s the veteran, and with his contract would be quite an expensive minor leaguer, but Macias has been proving his worth. For once we have a glut of decent outfielders. I say try to trade Giles for a couple pitching prospects or an infielder or two.

Hairston, without a doubt, should be an every day player.

Headley, Floyd, Hairston, Gwynn, Macias. That to me looks like a fairly solid outfielding corps for the Padres, especially without Giles.

He’s been hustling out in right this year pretty good, funny how that happens when he actually has to fight for his job.

I guess it just remains to be seen how well Floyd can produce and if he can stay healthy. I like the look of our outfield, I just wish Giles weren’t in it. Let’s just hope he retires at the end of this year.

Tough when you see skills diminish and times comes for the veteran to step aside. I think they are going through the same thing in Boston.Russ

I smell a trade — or a release of Cliff Foyd. The Padres have been so patient with Giles, keeping the old man at the top of the lineup despite his atrophied skills in a desperate attempt to wring some trade value out of him. And now, with two months of the season nearly gone, after having wasted a quarter of the season, the big lug is closing in on the Mendoza Line. And that means other GMs can at least come by and kick the tires. So hopefully within the next few days the Padres will be able to give Giles away. They don’t want anyone of value in return; they proved that when they accepted a guy who had cleared waivers in return for one of last year’s best center fielders. They only want to unload his salary. So one of those “players to be named later” or “cash considerations” will rid of us of the 38-year-old-with-a-track-record.”

If Giles doesn’t continue his mini-hot streak, if Kevin Towers can’t get a dollar in return for him like he did when he sent Chris Burke to the Mariners, then Floyd will be released. There is no way Towers can explain a 38-year-old project and a 37-year-old project on a roster that is supposedly rebuilding for the future, especially if it means cutting a younger guy who is contributing.


Speaking of roster moves, any updates on our injured shortstops? We need both of them back, especially since either of them will be able to give poor Eckstein a breather at second.

Got to love those atrophied skills as Giles went 6 for 10 over his last 4 games.

I would not be surprised to see Floyd get traded, especially after reading DePodesta’s blog today.

Perhaps I should apologize to Mr. Giles for insulting his skills like that. In fact, I should congratulate him on raising his BA to within one point of .190. Obviously, he’s as good as he ever was.

As a fan, I would definitely feel better about these potential moves than the stuff that went on last year! From what I’ve heard, Floyd will be a valuable addition to the bench and the clubhouse. And we all remember what Adams did last year. The bullpen’s doing really well right now, but you can never have too much good pitching. I do feel bad about Macias, though. He’s kind of the odd man out. hmm…

Giles is awful, his 6-10 is not a big deal but hopefully it will allow them to trade him. Picking up his option was a horrible move. He needs to move out of the way so younger guys (macias) can develop in that spot

First, I was glad to see that Mike Adams was moved to AAA Portland from AA San Antonio, where he was rehabbing. Then, my sister got to thinking that most players rehab closer to the team, in Lake Elsinore. So, why was he sent to Portland? Is there a possibility that he is going to stay in Portland for awhile because, (a) the current Padre bullpen is doing well and there is no room for him and/or (b) since he is arb-eligible at the end of this season, if he is not with the big league team enough months, he wont be arb-eligible and/or (c) that he needs more work pitching against more higher caliber batters?

Thank you for reponse in advance.

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