Could a Peavy deal be in the works? …

It appears a team from Chicago — no, not the Cubs —  might be making a play for Padres pitcher Jake Peavy.

According to a baseball source late Wednesday, a potential trade between the Padres and White Sox was being explored.

San Diego general manager Kevin Towers didn’t return a message on Tuesday and Peavy himself, when asked about the rumor of a potential deal said “I only know what you guys [media] knows.”

Peavy, who has a no-trade clause, has stated before that his intention is to remain in San Diego and, at the very least, the National League.

Another potential stumbling block is the remaining money left on the contract Peavy signed in December of 2007.

Peavy, who is making $11 million this season, will make $15 million in 2010, $16 million in 2011 and $17 million in 2012. The Padres hold a team option for $22 million with a $4 million buyout.

Peavy was nearly traded in the off-season to the Cubs, who pulled the plug on a potential deal at the Winter Meetings in December. The Padres were actively shopping Peavy because they were trying to shed payroll to get close to the $40 million majority owner John Moores sought.

The Padres, should they make a deal for the 2007 National League Cy
Young Award winner, would certainly want some pitching in return.
Left-hander Aaron Poreda, a first-round Draft pick in 2007, would be
the kind of frontline starter the Padres would desire.

Peavy is 3-5 with a 3.82 ERA this season and is coming off a complete-game victory over the Reds on Sunday where he allowed one run with eight strikeouts and no walks. He threw a career-high 92 strikes in that game (against 29 balls).

Peavy has an 89-67 record with a 3.21 ERA in 208 career starts, all with the Padres.

— Corey Brock


WHY ON EARTH WOULD THE PADRES WANT TO TRADE JAKE NOW??? I mean, we’re fairly deep into the season, and Jake’s been great with us. His “bad” outings were merely a failure of the offense to score any runs for him. Jake hasn’t done anything wrong but pitch. He doesn’t deserve to be traded. Why not get rid of Adrian? He’s not hitting, not really helping the club. I love Adrian, but I would say that he has more warrent to be traded than Jake. I don’t care how expensive Jake is. San Diego needs a player like this here. Just watch, the Padres are going to regret this trade so much if it goes though. Let’s just hope Jake had enough brains to stay here. He belongs here, and we need him. The Padres would crumble without him. The fans are going to leave.

NOOOOOO!!!! I’ve been a season ticket holder for 20 years, and if they deal Jake for a bunch of minor leaguers I AM DONE!!! I want a refund!

Please say no, Jake! The fans here love you and we need you to have any chance to compete in the next few years.

Good guys wear black Peavy…… spin the wheel and make the deal! Come to Chicago where fans actually care about baseball! (Unless you like a no pressure 100 loss season) Don’t sally out! Welcome to chicago!!!!!

I think by this being another trade attempt by the Padres to trade Peavy, it shows me that there at some point going to trade him. It seems as though he’s not such a value and all they seem to think of is the money portion of save money…in reality, he can continue to help us win games and give the fans a hope into the future especially with this new management aboard. I think alot of Padres fans are probably seeming somewhat confused on what the brass is trying to do. I don’t think that the value for Peavy right now is worth a trade. Wait and see what happens with the Padres, because they might need Jake come Septemeber to help them get into October baseball. The prospects in return in a Peavy deal would also make the fans have to wait on seeing the talent produce from the trade and that’s not fair to the fans.

Hey Corey, are there going to be any videos of the ’84 Padres celebration put on I’m from Oklahoma, and Extra innings never gives us the Channel 4 feed anymore. Plus, my Grandmother is still a huge fan of Garvey, and she would really like to have seen him on tv tonight.

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