About that team meeting …

Apparently, Padres manager Bud Black held a team meeting in Chicago after Thursday’s 11-3 loss to the Cubs. It was a meeting where, as closer Heath Bell said Friday, “Bud was a little heated.”

Hey, it makes perfect sense.

The team had lost 20 of 24 games going into Friday’s game, a game the Padres would win 5-3 over the Reds, getting their first victory by a starting pitcher (Kevin Correia) in a month (April 16).

The fact that the mild-mannered Black apparently raised his voice or whatever he did behind closed doors is a little interesting, but not surprising. I’m not entirely sure it’s newsworthy … though some of my colleagues might disagree.

I guess it makes for good newsprint … Black rips team, team goes out and wins. What if the Padres had lost last night? Does that diminish the impact of Black’s message? No, not at all. Would this meeting have been written about as much as it was? Probably not.

So, in my mind, it’s not really news.

Don’t get me wrong. I would love to have been a fly on the wall inside that cramp, dank visiting clubhouse in Chicago to hear what Black had to say. And I certainly don’t think it’s wrong to ask players or even the manager himself what the general message was.

But that’s the business of the manager and his players. I understood why someone from a local television station asked Black twice about the meeting on Friday. Black respectfully declined to comment, as he should have.

I think the fact that there was a meeting, that there had to be a meeting is more so the news here than the message delivered. That thing had gotten so bad that Black had to have such a meeting is news, not what he said behind closed doors.

I think we can all guess what he had to say. Play better. Maybe in different words, but that’s the message. Play better. I’m just not going to beat him over the head to get him or the his players to repeat that message.
Cheers, Corey


Agreed. Who cares? Black probably used a few choice words, like “heck” and “darn” and “dang.” And, “Brian, please try to raise your average over he Mendoza line so we can trade you.”

I think it’s because something is hidden from the general public that makes them want to know about it. When someone says they have a secret, everybody wants to know what it is. Of course we’re all curious, because it would be a great story to hear about “Mr. Freeze” getting fired up and digging into his team. But they’re not willing to tell us, though we pretty much know what he said. It’ll pass, but I think it said something that they won last night.

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