What to do about Kyle Blanks …

And so it’s started, the Kyle Blanks experiment. The Padres top Minor League prospect, from the lot of position players, has advanced from taking fly balls before a game to doing so during games.

Blanks played his first game in the outfield for Portland on Sunday, handling the only fly ball hit his way. We’re still not sure how often the Beavers will run Blanks, normally a first base, out to the outfield, but I imagine it will be a few times a week.

Unlike Chase Headley, the converted third baseman, Blanks didn’t get the benefit of getting a chance to work in the outfield in Spring Training like Headley did in 2008. Of course, the team had already decided Headley was moving at that point.

So what does this all mean? I’m wondering the same. The Padres need offense. Blanks can hit and has done so at every level.

But he’s 22 and hasn’t played a full season at the Triple-A level. What’s more important to you at this point? Getting him up here to San Diego, stick him in the outfield and see what you have or letting him develop?

I think for the betterment of Blanks and that of the team, in the long run, he needs to stay put in Portland. He’s by no means setting the league on its collective ear. There’s good pitchers in the Pacific Coast League, experienced pitchers. He needs to see that. More of that.

What are your thoughts?

Cheers, Corey



First off, love the blog and I love the tweets, keep them coming.

With that out of the way, I don’t think Blanks should be brought up. As much as I would like to see him play every day he isn’t enough to turn this Padres team from where they are now in to a playoff contender. Would he be an upgrade over Giles or Kouz right now? Maybe, but do you want to make him eligible for arbitration a year earlier when this season looks to be lost already.

If we were closer to competing in the West and we were able to move Giles (hopefully) or Kouz (moving Headley to third) I wouldn?t mind giving him a shot if he is tearing up AAA. If we aren?t close to competing in the NL West I would rather see more of some one like Drew Macias or Will Venable personally.



Hmm, I have to agree with Clayton; Blanks by himself cannot make the Padres a playoff contender. But I’m not as level-headed as Clayton, so I say bring up Blanks and Luis Durango, who IS setting the Texas League on its collective ear. Blanks can offer protection to Adrian G. Durango can add the element of speed, something this team has been sadly lacking for years.

I think we should wait a while. He’s still young, and he’s still protected. I think he should develop more. Maybe we can bring him up last next year. But for now, I think he should just get some more seasoning.

I would rather see Will Venable brough up over Kyle Blanks. We were able to watch them play the Reno Aces up where we live, and Will is by far the better player…especially for an outfielder. Kyle reminded us of Serrano from Major League in that it seemed he can’t hit the curve ball. I think he will be eaten up by major league pitchers. Will has the speed that the padres are lacking and could do more in the small ball type of offense that the padres should be playing.

Good Idea!!! I don’t think Blanks is ready to go to the “Big leagues” just yet. I do like the idea of him playing in the outfield. Let him polish his game…..get some more playing time at the outfield and bring him up late in the season or wait ti’ll next year!!!

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