The week that was: Big Apple edition …

Good morning from New York, where I flew yesterday in order to avoid a red-eye flight. It only figures that I missed a game at PETCO Park that last two hours and 28 minutes. But I won’t complain about that because …

The Padres are 5-2 and in first place in the National League West Division. Quickly, a show of hands from those who saw this coming. Anyone, anyone, Bueller, anyone? I’ll admit that I did not see this coming, and I’m supposed to be a Padres expert or something like that.

Anyway, how about last week?

I don’t know about everyone else here, but after the way they rebuilt the bullpen in the final three weeks of Spring Training (and even last week by adding Luis Perdomo) I didn’t have a clue that these guys would go out and allow three earned runs over their first 18 2/3 innings. That was impressive. I like Gregerson, Mujica and, of course, Bell at the back end. I think Moreno will be fine (early jitters, normally has better control).

As for the starters, we’ve talked about this before. I think you see what Peavy and Young are going to give you, what they’re capable of. It’s those other three guys, Silva, who makes his second start tonight against the Mets, Correia and Hill. You can possibly toss in newcomer Chad Gaudin to the mix. He was signed Saturday and will report to Triple-A Portland to get stretched out. We’ll see where he fits in a week or so, if anywhere.

I think these three guys, Silva, Correia and Hill, each showed a little something promising in their first starts. I think Silva’s command could be/has been better, the same with Correia, who had too many walks. Hill was good and is at his best when he keeps the ball down. I think he will be fine as well.

Manager Bud Black has his first off-day to contend with Tuesday, which means the rotation will have a different look to it during the first road trip of the season.

Silva will get the start Monday when the Padres and Mets open Citi Field in New York. After Tuesday’s off-day, Correia will start Wednesday and Peavy will start the final game Thursday in New York. The team will go with Young, Hill, Silva and Correia for four games in Philadelphia and then Peavy and Young when the team travels to San Francisco for two games on April 21-22.

I like what I’ve seen, at times, from the offense. I still think that scoring runs is going to be a chore for this team, though not nearly as much as it was a year ago. I think we’re seeing that Nick Hundley is a better hitter than he showed a year ago and I think Chase Headley is still getting comfortable at the plate. The home run off Tim Lincecum was a testiment to that.

I think David Eckstein and Kevin Kouzmanoff remain important pieces to the offense. Eckstein for the way he can move runners over, bunting, hitting behind them, just the way he handles an at-bat. Kouzmanoff because he’s hitting behind Adrian Gonzalez. He had two hits Sunday. He has to show he can be productive over the long haul there or Gonzalez gets walked a lot.

I’m curious what you think at this point. Is it too early to get excited? Do you like the positive signs you’ve seen? Are you withholding judgement until after this long road trip?

Cheers, Corey


Great, great start for the Padres!


For the Padres it comes down to timely hitting. We are not going to shut everyone out, or even get 10 hits a game most nights. But if we can come up with key base hits with guys on, we will eek out some nice, close wins this year. The last few years were marred by runners LOB and low avg with RISP. Time will tell… good start!

Hey Corey, what is wrong with Giles??? He is taking perfect hitters pitches for strikes and swinging at pitches that he normally would not swing at. He also is failing to work the count like he did last year. Giles looks like he is in a terrible slump!! But this slump he barely can hit the ball out of the infield. He is really up there in age. Why didn?t we trade him last year when he had value? Headley is in a slump too, but at least he is working the count, getting on base, moving runners over, and he is hitting the ball hard. Yesterday Adrian Gonzalez led off an inning 3 times out of 5 at-bats. Both his homers this season have led off an inning. Why not put Giles down in the order for now and put Hairston in for him? Batting lineup: Hairston, Eckstein, Gerut, A Gonzalez, Headley, Kouzmanoff, Hundley, Rodriguez, [Pitcher spot]. What do you think?

I’m really excited about these Padres. It’s been a lot of fun to watch them in this last week as they have been winning! The pitching staff has just been amazing, and I’m loving the starters especially. I know it’s way too early to get that excited, but I am. I love how well this team is doing, and I just hope that they can continue the success as the season goes on.

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