Welcome aboard, Ed Mujica …

Good morning from Peoria, two more days and it’s time to go back to San Diego. Good times!

Today promises to be a buys day here with roster moves aplenty — I like that word, aplenty — starting with an announcement later this morning that the Padres have acquired Ed Mujica from the Cleveland Indians.

We mentioned this yesterday, Mujica was a guy the Padres have been looking at this spring and would be a good fit. They saw him on Monday, for one out at least. But he’s a guy who will fit right into the bullpen. He’s on the team.

Mujica, who turns 25 in May, has a 8.10 ERA with Cleveland this spring, though all reports are that he’s performed better recently. His velocity runs in the low 90s, from what I hear.

Mujica, who is out of options, has a live fastball and a career 3.35 ERA in the Minor Leagues with just 60 walks in 231 1/3 innings. Mujica is 3-3 with a 6.04 ERA in 33 career games with the Indians.

Also, pitcher Jae Kuk Ryu has returned from the Indians. Not sure how just yet, but he’s been assigned to the 40-man roster. We’ll get clarification soon.

Cheers, Corey


Hey Corey, wasn’t Chris Young scheduled to start today against the CWS?

Today is Jake’s turn, right. CY tomorrow?
By my count, we now have more pitchers than we can keep unless someone goes on the DL. Are CSB and Floyd both DL candidates?
Mujica and De La Cruz have to make team because they have no options?
Are both Lopez and Moreno in the pen? That would be great to see what they can do. They both had a good spring.
What will be the status of Gregorson? Does he have options?
Sorry for all the questions but keeping up with this team in the last days of spring is confusing. But I am sure you know that!🙂

That’s what the website shows now but early this morning it showed that CY was taking the mound today.

I like the word plethora!


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