The 25-man roster is essentially set …

Hey friends, it’s been a busy morning here in Peoria, with a bunch of roster moves that I have detailed in this story, the most notable the addition of reliever Ed Mujica, who we mentioned a day ago as a guy that might be a fit for the Padres bullpen.

Turns out, he is and he’ll be in that late-inning mix with Duaner Sanchez, Edwin Moreno and Eulogio De La Cruz.

The last open spot, if that’s indeed the case, is picking between left-hander Arturo Lopez and newcomer Luke Gregerson, the PTBNL in the Khalil Greene deal. Lopez is a left and it never hurts to have one of those and Gregerson hasn’t pitched above Double-A. So I think Lopez is on the team.

Other than that, the Padres are leading the White Sox here at Camelback Ranch-Glendale, 3-0. Jake Peavy has thrown five scoreless innings so far and Adrian Gonzalez has all three RBIs, two on a long home run to center field.

I don’t expect much if anything in the way of player movement today, unless general manager Kevin Towers adds another arm. He seems a little concerned about the starting rotation and there’s always a chance the team could jump on one of these out-of-options players.

Otherwise, here’s the roster:

Catcher: Nick Hundley, Henry Blanco
Infielders: Adrian Gonzalez, Edgar Gonzalez, David Eckstein, Evereth Cabrera, Luis Rodriguez, Kevin Kouzmanoff.
Outfielders: Jody Gerut, Brian Giles, Chase Headley, Cliff Floyd, Scott Hairston.
Rotation: Jake Peavy, Chris Young, Walter Silva, Kevin Correia, Shawn Hill.
Bullpen: Heath Bell, Cla Meredith, Arturo Lopez, Edwin Moreno, Duaner Sanchez, Eulogio De La Cruz, Ed Mujica.

Cheers, Corey


Corey, Looks like the Padres will score more runs this season. Also looks like the Padres will give up a bunch more runs. I can see a lot of 9-7…11-6…12-9 3-4 hour games this season. You see them play everyday so what is your take on this team and how many games you think they can win and lose?

I hope that Mujica does well for the Padres. I know he did not have such a good ST for Cleveland.


Someone please tell me how some of these guys (Mujica? MuWHO?) track records are any better than a guy that has absolutely DOMINANT stats in AA and AAA the last three years in Scott Patterson. I really thought Patterson would be a huge piece of this bullpen, take a look at his numbers the last three years!

It’s almost like they are just shuffling chairs on the deck, isn’t it? They aren’t bringing guys cause they are better, they are bringing them in just cause they are new. This strategy would be ok, IF they exhausted their in house options first. As it is, they are just alienating guys that have been in the organization.


I like how our offense looks, Its good, but our bullipen is shaky. I hope Sanchez can come back to form with the Padres, imagine, he could be another secret/cast off pitcher the padres discovered such as Scott Linebrink, Cla Meredith and Heath Bell. Will see how the next few days shape up, I’ll be there opening day, cant wait!

Hey, Corey, I was wondering if the Padres did an April Fool’s Day joke on the fans by saying that Chris Young was starting yesterday. I could’ve sworn that there was a picture of CY on the thing that talked about the game. I mean, I knew that Jake was pitching, but I totally didn’t remember. If that was a joke, I totally fell for it!

No joke, just a mistake.

No joke, just a mistake.

These guys suck. I would only pay money to see Peavy and Gills play. The other guys should all be traeded.

Trade them??!! Trade who??!! Why??!! What would we get for them??!! Who is going to give us anything better for these young prospects. My suggestion is for you, “”, to play mlb fantasy baseball. who would trade five average padres players for a ryan braun or albert pujols. It just doesn’t happen! You either go to the free agency and spend a huge amount of money for a big name or you bring up young talented prospects in your minor league system. The other way to find a magnitude player is to trade a magnitude player for a magnitude player or a huge amount of young TOP prospects. The padres have Adrian G. and Giles (hopefully age doesn’t affect him). Kouz is expected to have a really good year. If Gerut can stay healthy, he will make impact. Luis Rodriguez and Eckstein will be our pesky little hit machines. And last but not least, the two youngsters, Chase Headley and Nick Hundley should combine together about 35 homers. Chase is a prospect that should start to become an impact player throughout the next couple seasons.

tony gwynn jr. was put on wavier by the brewers
do the padres take him or not?

tony gwynn jr. was put on wavier by the brewers
do the padres take him or not?

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