Making a case for or against Everth Cabrera …

Now that Chris Burke has been traded to the Seattle Mariners, it’s safe to assume that Rule 5 pick-up, 22-year-old Everth Cabrera will make the 25-man roster as a backup infielder as will Edgar Gonzalez.

So … do you like this move?

For me, I’m a little torn. Here’s why:

The case for Cabrera: Upside, upside, upside. He’s 22, has speed (something the Padres have very little of) and pegs as an above-average defender at some point. Plus, the Padres have no upper-level shortstop prospects on the horizon. And, if the team is going to struggle, you can probably get away with keeping him, hiding him, whatever on the roster. Manager Bud Black can use him in games as a pinch-runner. Remember, the guy stole 73 bases a year ago. Keep him on the roster this year and next year, as a 23-year-old, send him to Double-A or Triple-A.

The case against Cabrera: In this day and age, and especially in the National League, you need every one of your roster spots. Double-switches, pinch-hitting for the pitcher, etc. You get it. I’m not sure Cabrera, who hasn’t played a lick above the Single-A level, can hold his own (not should he be expected to) at the Major League level just yet. There’s no way to work out a deal with Colorado, as they hated to lose him in the first place. He sticks or he’s gone. Cabrera’s defense (eight errors) has been iffy this spring. He’ll make some very nice plays on tough balls but will struggle on the routine stuff. Errors have been made out of aggression, which is fine by me.

So now it’s your turn. Keep him or send him back? What’s better for the Padres in 2009 and beyond?

Cheers, Corey


Keep him. The Padres have way too many more problems than to worry about whether the last pinch hitter on the bench is good enough. His speed should help us some this season and it gives us all someone young and exciting to root for. Besides, I’d much rather see Cabrera then Kazmar.

Keep him. Big upside on defense and might hit enough eventually. By all reports he has a good attitude too. Very exciting on base paths, a rarity for us.

Keep him. He looks better than any other infield prospect we have and he is only 22. Great arm and foot speed. Does not look like an automatic out. Makes contact. At least he doesn’t appear lost at the plate like Greene looked most of last season. He seems to hit more like the Koreans and Japanese in the WBC.


I’d say that the Padres should take a chance with him. He’s got potential, and if things don’t go well he can always get more seasoning in the minors. But we need that extra shortstop, and he’s the guy. If he didn’t make the roster, though, it would give him a chance to work on some stuff, particualry the defense. It will be a learning expereince for the kid…

I’ve been of the opinion that we really needed to keep Cabrera. We have no shortstop prospects in the upper tier of our farm system, and his game will play well at PETCO.

With that said, I also believed that if we were going to keep Cabrera, we needed to have another backup infielder with versatility. Edgar is not a versatile player. He can play several infield positions but none of them very well defensively. His bat is nice, but Burke’s ability to play a slew of positions made him the better choice for this team.

How hard was Sanchez throwing today? I’m hoping his velocity is coming back.

Keep him for the future. Keep him on the roster this year and then place him in AA.

We keep Cabrera, like you’ve stated, he has speed. Not to mention, hes pretty good defensively. The thing that scares me is he is not a proven major leage guy so is he going to be able to hit? He also is a possible use for trade bait. I like the idea of keeping him well into the future and have him being used in double switches and pinch running situations. Something that excites me too is with his speed, the Padres now have someone who can run and tie or win a ball game with his feet, it’s an upside, I just hope he can hit well enough 250., 260. to stick around, anything less than a 250. batting average he might be let go. Will see.

Why is this even a debate? Last year the Padres not only hid a shortstop on their 25-man roster who couldn’t hit major league pitching, but they started him. Remember, Khalil Green’s OBP last year was 260. Two-sixty!. And he struck out 100 times. If the philosophy then was “start him as long as he keeps his average (.213) over the Mendoza Line,” then perhaps the debate we should be having is whether Cabrera should be the Padres’ starting shortstop. His spring average, after all, is well over the Khalil Greene Line. And he’s not going to learn anything by hiding in the dugout.

I say platoon him.

And speaking of last year’s bozo, what’s up with Khalil Greene’s spring stats? He’s only struck out 3 times in 63 at-bats, he’s batting .413 and his OBP is .435. I know it’s only spring, but where did that come from?

Well, this conversation about Cabrera looked pretty one-sided: He stays. I’ll make sure and pass this along to Kevin Towers. But seriously, I don’t think there’s a lot to lose here. If this were a different year, a different team with different expectations … well, we might have a different consensus. But I think for a team low on upper level Minor League prospects besides Kyle Blanks, Cabrera is a keeper. — Corey

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