Off-day blog: All Moorad, all the time …

Good morning from Peoria, where we’re having another off-day, which is about the only upside to seven weeks of Spring Training.

Today promises to be an interesting day, even though the Padres are off today and likely playing golf somewhere here in the Valley.

As you might have heard, today is the day new owner Jeff Moorad’s purchase of the Padres will become official. My colleague, Barry Bloom, has been all over this story from Day 1. Here is a link to his story today.

This will also be the day CEO Sandy Alderson steps down. We have known this day was coming for a while, but now there’s some finality to it. I wish Sandy well. He was always a good person to deal with and was always honest.

Alderson presided over a franchise that won two division titles (and nearly a third) and was instrumental in getting the facility in the Dominican Republic done.

The press conference from PETCO Park is at 3 p.m. today. You can watch it live only here on our site. Check it out.

What does all this mean for the franchise moving forward? We’ll start to get some answers today. I hope to meet with Moorad here in the near future and talk to him about where this franchise is headed.

So let’s do this, loyal blog readers (and I do appreciate the visits and comments) … email me something you want me to ask Moorad and I’ll do my best to get that done. Not sure when it’s going to happen, but I’ll try.

What do you want to know? Payroll? Peavy? Beer prices? Let’s hear it.

Cheers, Corey


Hi Corey…Good Job… I’m the one that has been complaining about Baek on our staff. Good work on your article yesterday.

One thing I would like to ak Moorad is: When will he have a say on the Padres Payroll? Is that something that will be imposed bi Moores until he gets controlling interest or will he have a say on that?

Thanks and keep the good work.

What are Moorad’s thoughts on Peavy? Keep him? Trade him?


I am so excited about this announcement today. There’s hope for the Padres organization in the future!! What’s Moorad’s plan for the next few years? Does he want to build a new team, bring up guys from the minors, get the payroll up, trade for players, pick up free agents? They’ll probably touch on that in the press conference…

My question to Moorad:

If Costco can sell a large, juicy hot dog + unlimited soft drinks for $1.50 why can’t the padres do the same?

That is the only question I have for Jeff!!

Do you know how Silva and Granderson did on the minor league game today?

My question is this: What approach had the single biggest effect on making Arizona as successful as they have become, and can that approach be implemented in San Diego?

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