Officially back in Peoria …

Hey, rolled into Peoria last night and I’m fully recharged and ready for the final 10 days of Spring Training, which promises to be very interesting as the front office goes about piecing together a 25-man roster they’re happy with.

My guess is the Padres — who added pitcher Shawn Hill on Monday and Luke Gregerson, who completes the Khalil Greene deal — aren’t done looking for help, namely pitchers, namely relief pitchers.

So what do you think about the roster as it’s coming together? Do you like Hill as the No. 5 or Walter Silva? Does Everth Cabrera make the team? What will Kevin Towers try and pull off in these final 10 days. Leave your comments below and I’ll try to add my input.

Anyway, as always, here’s today’s lineup against the Angels in Tempe:

3B, Chris Burke
2B, David Eckstein
RF, Brian Giles
1B, Adrian Gonzalez
DH, Chase Headley
LF, Scott Hairston
CF, Jody Gerut
C, Nick Hundley
SS, Luis Rodriguez
SP, Cha Seung Baek, followed by Duaner Sanchez, Arturo Lopez and Jae Kuk Ryu.

Morning notes: New pitcher Shawn Hill landed in Phoenix about 9:30 a.m. and will head to Peoria. He isn’t expected to work out until Wednesday. No ETA on when he’ll appear in a game. Also, another new pitcher, Luke Gregerson, of the Khalil Greene deal, is here and is going to throw in a Minor League game on Thursday. Gregerson, because he was late to Spring Training (really late, though not his fault), had to taste Bud Black’s Vegemite. Good stuff! Elsewhere, Kevin Kouzmanoff has a sore left side and won’t play Tuesday. He’ll likely play again on Wednesday. Cliff Floyd and Emil Brown didn’t go to Tempe on Tuesday. They remained back in Peoria to get some at-bats in Minor League games.

Cheers, Corey


I think the hitters are ready, but the pitchers are going to be our problem. Did I miss something, or has Kouz not played much lately? Also, I was wondering if Chris Young is using a new glove this year. I saw it in the highlights video, and it looks different than the one he used last year. Thanks!

Kouzmanoff has a sore side, he will likely be back in the lineup on Wednesday. Not sure about Chris’ glove. I’ll try to ask him about it.

I really hope the realize that Cha Seung Baek, its not the answer as our 3rd starter, he hasn’t done anything this spring to earn that job.

I would like to see the rotation as follows.
2. Young
5. Hill

I disagree with your assesment of Baek. Maybe on a good team he’s a fifth starter. But the reality is there is no one else in camp who fits the bill of a No. 3 starter. I like his stuff and that he is working faster this year. In the National League, his stuff plays much better than it ever did in the American League. Rotation: Peavy, Young, Baek, Correia and Silva.

Chase Headley put up huge numbers in the minors (.330 20 homers 40 doubles). When do you expect headley to start showing himself as a more capable major league hitter (without the strikeouts)? Would it be reasonable to expect him to hit 25 homers, 35 doubles, 10 SB, and bat high .200s with a .350 ob%?

I think we’ll see a young player continuing to get better this year. How does .267-17-68 strike you? I think Chase sees a lot of pitches, which is good and bad. He’ll take his walks but he’ll also strike out a fair amount.

Take a look at Scott Patterson’s performance the last few years in the high minors. Not sure why they wouldn’t give him a shot in the bollpen to start, they aren’t going to bring in anyone with a better track record at this point. I thought he was a no brainer.

I think the Padres are looking at the 14 hits and five walks Patterson allowed in eight innings this spring. Would he fare better in the regular season and at PETCO Park? Maybe, but who can say for sure. This is a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately business and, in the eyes of the Padres, it wasn’t enough this spring.

What do you think of Baek now? Its been like this all spring long. We can’t start the season with his as the #3 Starter. NO WAY!!! What is his ERA this spring after today’s pounding?

You can look at an extremely small sample size (8 spring innings this year) and call it a what have you done for me lately business, but this would also rule out Jake Peavy from the rotation this year. If that was the case, though, think how many fairly established players would be out of a job every spring when they don’t preform well through 8 games.

With the shambles that the Padres bullpen is in, I will take back to back outstanding AA and AAA seasons as indicators of success instead of 8 spring innings.

Last spring training, Patterson gave up one hit, no walks and no runs in 9 appearances, but was sent to AAA on the last day of spring training. In the words of the immortal Latroy Hawkins…”Spring training don’t mean S@*#.” The Padres need help in the pen, Patterson was one of the few that I had any reason to think could really get some out this year.

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