Tuesday: Cuban defection edition …

I imagine that at some point today Hermanos Gonzalez and Scott Hairston will be making their way back to Peoria after Mexico was eliminated from the World Baseball Classic late Monday by powerful Cuba.

It was a good run for Mexico and I think the team made it about as far as everyone figured it would. So now the question is this: Will the Gonzalezes and Hairston be bringing back any members of the Cuban team with them?

How about Frederich Cepeda? Do you want him in your Padres’ outfield? Really, why would he want to stay with the Cuban team? There’s a Tilted Kilt here, an Olive Garden and a BevMo. I don’t see what the issue is. Hopefully, Adrian and Edgar have room in the car.

In case you missed it, here’s a story I wrote on the off-day yesterday on new Padres outfielder Chris Snelling.

Anyway, let’s get to today’s lineup …

CF, Jody Gerut
2B, David Eckstein
RF, Brian Giles
3B, Kevin Kouzmanoff
1B, Kyle Blanks
LF, Chase Headley
C, Eliezer Alfonzo
SS, Luis Rodriguez
SP, Josh Geer (scheduled to throw five innings, followed by Greg Burke, Scott Patterson, Ivan “Aldo” Nova and Mark Worrell.

Cheers, Corey


Ah, of course you post right after I do! I’ll have to go back and include the lineup then. It will be a very interesting game. I want to see if our pitching can do well after a day of rest. GO PADRES!!

All totaled, I think we’ve had a good offensive spring, considering AGon has been out this whole time. I’m interested to see him back. Plus, it’ll be interesting to see where EGon fits now with so many IF’s having good looks.

It will be good to have your players back in camp.


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