How would Kyle Blanks look in the outfield? …

I asked this question of general manager Kevin Towers after watching Blanks get to more hits on Tuesday to raise his average to .341 this spring.

Obviously, Adrian Gonzalez isn’t going anywhere. He’s a Gold Glove winner, All-Star and might be one of the most underrated players in the game.

So … what about seeing if the 6-foot-6, 285 pounds Blanks can make a go of it in the outfield?

There may be a move afoot for Blanks to get some time in the outfield,
though it will not likely happen anytime soon, said Towers, who spoke
with Grady Fuson, vice president of scouting and player development
about that issue earlier Tuesday.

Towers he doesn’t want to mess with Blanks confidence right now by
asking him to start taking fly balls in Arizona. If the Padres do
opt to see how Blanks looks in the outfield then it would likely be
once the Triple-A season begins in Portland.

And, as Towers cautioned, it would start by “taking fly balls before
games” before it ever got to the point where Blanks would appear in a
game in the outfield.

For now, Blanks, who leads the team in at-bats (44), runs (11), total
bases (15), doubles (four), home runs (three) and is tied for first in
RBI (nine), will stick to playing first base, though it might not be at
the frequency he had been.

Cheers, Corey


I’m glad you asked that question. I think he’s athletic enough to make it out there…even if he’s not a Gold Glover, you still get both AGon and Blanks in the lineup, and the team is better for that. On another note, I still can’t believe Blanks is from my neck of the woods in Albuquerque…just on the other side of the mountain. Nobody talks about him out here! GRRRR!

With a bat like Kyle has, I think we need to find a spot for him on the major-league club sometime in the nearby future. Maybe next year, if we don’t have Giles or Gerut anymore, we could have an outfield of Headley, Venable and Blanks!

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