Split-squad fun: Peoria vs. Scottsdale …

So the Padres have a split-squad game today; one here in Peoria against the Indians and one in Scottsdale against the Giants. I’m opting to stick close to home today, but it’s not because I think Peoria is the cooler, hipper place to be.

If that was the case, I’d be in Portland. But don’t get me started on Portland. Oh, please, Bud Selig, put a team in the Rose City. I promise I’ll be a better writer, husband, humanitarian. OK … that was a little pathetic. Let’s move on.

Peoria vs. Scottsdale … Olive Garden vs. Sushi Brokers, Bud Light vs. Modelo Especial on the rocks with a fancy napkin, Walmart vs. Fashion Square Mall, Housewives of Peoria, age 70 and older vs. girls that I, as a married man of 14 months, shouldn’t be looking at.

Anyway, you get it.

Anyway, on to the lineups:

Peoria, vs. Cleveland, 1:05 p.m.

CF, Drew Macias
2B, David Ekstein
RF, Brian Giles
DH, Cliff Floyd
LF, Emil Brown
C, Eliezer Alfonzo
1B, Chad Huffman
SS, Luis Rodriguez
3B, Travis Denker
SP, Cha Seung Beak 4 innings, Arturo Lopez, Joe Thatcher, Cla Meredith, Justin Hampson and Chris Britton.

At Scottsdale, vs. Cleveland, 1:05 p.m.

CF, Jody Gerut
2B, Chris Burke
3B, Kevin Kouzmanoff
1B, Kyle Blanks
LF, Chase Headley
RF, Will Venable
C, Nick Hundley
SS, Everth Cabrera
SP, Cesar Ramos 3 innings, Jae Kuk Ryu, Ivan “Aldo” Nova, Will Inman, Walter Silva (spring debut).

Note: Manager Bud Black will be in Scottsdale, presumably to get a look at Silva, a pitcher the Padres hope can help them, though missing two weeks with a bad ankle hasn’t helped his cause.

Cheers, Corey


Corey – I suspect men – no matter who long they’ve been married – would look at her! lol! BUT can she read a box score??


Wow, that really is split-squad! I thought it would be regulars in one game and minor leaguers in the other. It’s going to be an interesting afternoon. Any idea which one is being broadcast on XX??

Man, that really is a split-squad! Im really worried about our pitching this year, and hope that for once our hitting will save us from another 100-loss season😦. Prove me wrong Padres!😀
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