Padres have no interest in Joe Beimel …

General manager Kevin Towers said Saturday that the Padres “are not in the mix” for left-handed reliever Joe Beimel, even though their bullpen is the weakest areas on their team and something they will spent the final weeks of Spring Training trying to remedy.

The Padres had been linked to Beimel this spring, most recently in an online report Saturday.

That’s not to say, of course, that the Padres don’t like Beimel. They like his arm and that he has the ability, as a left-hander, to neutralize some of the left-handed bats in their division. They don’t have anyone in camp that they’re certain can do that.

Really, this is about money and Beimel is reportedly seeking a deal that will pay him between $2 million and $3 million annually. The Padres they think there will be options toward the end of Spring Training with pitchers who are out of Minor League options.

Put it this way, there could be a glut of new faces and new pitchers in camp as late as April 1, the day before the Padres break camp.

Cheers, Corey

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Yikes! I was never able to stand Beimel when he was with the Dodgers. That would be purely scary to see him in a Padres uniform! But I’m glad that we’re not really interested in him. But I do think that we need more arms…of course, we do the smart frugal Padres thing by waiting until pitchers are desperate for a team.

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