Another rough outing for Latos …

Hey, just saw a nice diving catch by left fielder Chad Huffman near the warning track, with his back to the plate, no less. There have been a few nice plays today. Shortstop Everth Cabrera made a nice play on a ball hit up the middle by Jason Kendall in the fourth inning.

As for the pitching, Josh Geer looked pretty good today against the Brewers. He allowed a run over two innings but little else. He made Prince Fielder look pretty bad on two changeups in a first-inning at-bat that ended with a strikeout.

Mat Latos, considered the prized arm of the Padres farm system, had another tough day. He allowed a two-run home run to Corey Hart and allowed a total of three hits in one inning with a walk. He has allowed three home runs in two games. Latos is 22 and these are Major League hitters, so I wouldn’t much into his struggles one bit.


Cheers, Corey


Just keeping thinking – “It’s only Spring Training!”


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