Trip to Goodyear; video of Latos outing …

I know, that’s a little corny, but it’s the best I could come up with on short notice. Anyway, we’re here in Goodyear, located about 25 minutes Southwest of Peoria off 1-10. It’s a very nice facility and this is supposed to be the next big area here in the Valley for growth.

Anyway, I digress. The Padres got off to a rough start here today as starter Cha Seung Baek — the odds-on favorite to win the No. 3 job in the rotation, allowed two runs on a Victor Martinez home run in the first inning.

Mat Latos, the highly-regarded right-hander, got a rude introduction to Major League pitching in his one inning, as he allowed two runs on three hits, including a solo home run to Martinez and another solo shot to Ben Francisco.

The home run to Martinez came on a grooved fastball after Latos fell behind in the count, 3-0. I’m not sure he was thinking Martinez would swing and, honestly, I’m not sure what the right etiquette is there, if swining at a 3-0 pitch in Spring Training is cool or not. Whatever.

I happened to be shooting video of Latos throwing and got each home run. The first belongs to Martinez, the second Francisco.

It’s the top of the sixth inning here and the Padres trail 5-2. Kevin Kouzmanoff had a home run in the fourth inning for San Diego.

Cheers, Corey


We just all have to remember that it is Spring Training and not panic.


Great video! I hope Latos has some better outings soon…that one was pretty tough.

Hi Latos it’s Billy

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